Sugar Skulls with My Sugar Boy

Friday, November 1st 2019 – Dia de los Muertos


Gavin’s Sugar Skull


When your Boy asks you to drive him to school so he can show you the Sugar Skull he painted in Spanish Class for Dia de los Muertos, you say yes!

Ms. Oxy’s spectacular “Ofrenda.”


And if you do, you just *might* be rewarded by a personalized tour of school by said Boy, who slips his hand in your sweater pocket so no one sees you holding hands.  You might even find a Kit-Kat he slipped in there from Trick-or-Treating the night before.

del secret hand hold



And when you run into your Other Child in the stairwell, they may just share a sweet tender hug between siblings.

Aw… so “sweet.


Just kidding!!

It’s actually a regular moment of rivalry and chaos like any other, lol:



And said Other Child may adorably INSIST you walk her to class, only to have her then tell you to “LEAVE ME ALONE.”  Followed by clenched teeth and fists as she quietly screams, just, “LEAVE!!!” 

del homer clenched fists gif



So you do.  And go back to the cafeteria to rejoin Boy as requested, but hang back because he is surrounded by peers.  Junior High “peers.”  But he does give you a slightly detectable over-the-shoulder little wing flap as he mutters “Bye!” before heading out to the playground before breakfast.

del bird gif



And speaking of breakfast, you might also see your giant Hubsand  -Chef Paul- kindly checking in all manner of teeny tiny humans into the cafeteria register, making sure they EACH remembered to grab “one fruit or juice!”

“Where is your fruit or juice?”


And if your stars AND schedule align, you just might find your way to a coffee/wifi haven in which to continue your favorite dance with satellites and posterity.

Happy Me.


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