CircusKitchen Halloween 2019

October 31st 2019



Serious Cat and *Spooky Scary Skeleton*





Girlfriend apprehends her own face painting.


2019-10-31 CircusKitchen Halloween 2019 [2:40]:


My Mom & Sister’s Crew:


Mom, Rowan, Mary, Miles (!) & ‘Manda


Here my niece Mary the Fairy flits by her amazing brother Miles escorting a little Pumpkin with Legs:


And from Uncle Chris & Donna in Minneapolis:




Bernie Sanders casually Trick-or-Treating with his Grandkids and nibbling candy is my Happy Place.


Although these also warm my heart:


tRumple-thin-skin where he belongs, and Birdie Bae.


Historical Note:  On this day the House (of Representatives) also voted to formalize Impeachment proceedings against the f#cktard in the White House (He also changed his residence from New York to Florida to evade taxes and other legal issues once he’s indicted with some of his countless crimes.  A truly spooky story… tragically to be continued.)


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performing artist, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece... just a regular extraordinary person
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