Secret Juggler & Hospital Clowning: A Tale of Two Birthdays

Monday, April 29th 2019

del gold bday

On Sunday I perform as Jenny the Juggler a birthday party for a one year old baby girl in a restaurant banquet room rented out by the  family.  Over the dance floor a huge rainbow of balloons sports her name in huge gold foil; A-R-I-A.  Upwards of 150 loved ones and family members from every generation are dining on fantastic Italian food.  The Mom has done a spectacular, professional quality job of decorating around the theme, which is Alice in Wonderland for Aria’s “ONEderful” Party.   The decor includes life-sized queen of hearts cards, vases of flowers and gorgeous china teacups stacked with rose petals.   Beautifully wrapped presents pile atop yet more tables.  Per usual I provide fabulous face painting, balloon animals and a show with juggling, magic, music, comedy, a full on dance party and two real live tame bunny rabbits.   A bespoke fondant cake rounds out the celebration, and the adorable baby with the fabulous hairstyle beams with excitement when everyone sings to her.  Everyone leaves exhausted with delight.  I am paid well and tipped handsomely before heading off to my third and final event for the day.

del scared baby

Monday finds me at Boston Children’s Hospital performing as Dr. Be Bopper with with Dr. Dazzle.  When we arrive on the Intensive Care Unit, a nurse informs us there is a birthday in one of the rooms.  Little Ernesto is turning one today!  We find a sweet bald baby sitting up with a tube coming out of his nose taped to his face.  He is hanging out with mom by his crib and extremely apprehensive of us, so we gently serenade him from the doorway.  Dazzle & I harmonize beautifully while crooning a soothing song to celebrating his birthday.  He is cuddling her and she is cooing and beaming with joy, thanking us profusely as we leave.  There is a Happy Birthday banner on the door which we close gently before heading off to find our next patient down the hall.


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