Hospital Clowning: Party in the Party Room

Monday, April 29th 2019

del party

Our very first visit this morning, we knock on the door, peek in and Dr. Dazzle says, “Is this the party room?”  Five year old Asa is snuggling in bed with Daddy until she bolts upright and says, “Yes!”  Failing our attempts to introduce ourselves, Dr. Dazzle becomes “Dr. I Don’t Know,” and I am now “Dr. I Don’t Know Either.”  Because it is officially a party, I pull a roll of crepe paper streamers out of my pocket and little Asa insists SHE do the decorating.  She hops out of bed and busies herself hanging streamers around her room, followed closely by Mom maneuvering the I.V. pole so she doesn’t come unhooked.  Being a party, we get busy with the music and the dancing.  Dr. Dazzle is singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” while Asa & I dance.  She is in her underwear doing the floss.  What I’m trying to say is perhaps you have never truly partied until you have danced with a mighty little bald five year-old hooked up to an I.V. pole in her oncology room dancing the floss in her underwear.

As we leave, the big ol’ Dad is choking back emotion as he shakes his head and says a simple, heart rending, “Thank you.”  Of course it is we who are so deeply honored to have shared this visit.

Sanitizing our hands outside the door, we overhear Asa already on the phone with a relative, bragging, “I’m a CLOWN now!!”

del giraffe floss



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