Hospital Clowning: Make Me Laugh

Monday, April 29th 2019

del obstinate kid.jpg

Passing through the lobby on our way to rounds, Dr. Dazzle and I encounter a boy who plants his feet firmly, crosses his arms and says daringly, “Make me laugh!”

Game. On.

“Alright then,” I say, “How about this?”

I do a little pirouette, finish with jazz hands, and look at him expectantly, “Huh!?”

He gives a skeptic little nod, “No.”

“OK then how about some silly noises?  Do you enjoy silly noises.  For example, [squeeee!]?”


“[Kazoo buzz]?”


Thriving on this rejection, I continue through the paces, pulling out every squeaky toy and noise maker in my possession, all to no avail (although obviously he is enjoying the attention, not to mention people around us are starting to take notice of the unfolding drama).

Desperate, I pull out the pièce de résistance, the fart machine.  I hold it up to his head, and say, “OK, FINE,” and hit him in the ear with a nice juicy fart noise.

The left edge of his strait firm pout twitches.

“A HA!” I exclaim, victorious.

His face flashes into a gorgeous brilliant smile and everyone around cracks up laughing.

All hail the mighty Fart Gun!

The boy and I high-five, I dip around the corner to Purell my hand, then Dazzle and I head off towards the elevators.

Our day is just getting  started.



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