My Favorite Konmari Fan Piece to Date

Thursday, April 25th 2019

Although I haven’t taken the leap to actually APPLY Marie Kondo’s Method to my home in its totality, I remain inspired and influenced nonetheless.   And I love to see what other people can accomplish using The Konmari Method.

To that end, I recommend her Netflix show with the highest of accolades.  Six simple episodes of magic, wonder -and yes labor, sweat, tears- but most of all; JOY!

See for yourself in this 90 second trailer.


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer | Netflix [90 seconds]:


Her mere six episodes are instantaneously bingable, but more importantly there are tons of fan videos from folks she has inspired all over the world!

This 17 minute one here by “Wild We Roam” is my favorite so far.  The personalities are fantastic, the editing is exquisite, and the end result is -as always- 100% uplifting.




So happy for them!  And hopeful for me.  Even if I once did literally almost give away our heirloom dining room chairs.

Remember the time Emily Gilmore KonMari’d her house? | Spark Joy | Marie Kondo  [0:57]: 


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2 Responses to My Favorite Konmari Fan Piece to Date

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Marie Kondo must weigh about 50 pounds

  2. Ha! In her next best selling book she must tell us how to “thank” and discard the pounds that no longer spark us joy. lol!

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