Hospital Clowning: Skin is IN @BCH!

March/April 13th 2019

On rounds with Doc Skeeter on March 13th, we encounter a bunch of Dermatology Nurses who ask us to help with a promo video as a part of a nation-wide awareness campaign for their specialty.

When I run into one of the nurses six weeks later, she tells me they WON first place is in the campaign!

Here it is, with a couple familiar characters showing up around 2:28.

BCH CWOCNs Love Skin [2:59]:


Way to go “CWOCN’s!”


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2 Responses to Hospital Clowning: Skin is IN @BCH!

  1. PS: At the price of being immature, does anyone else love this above image of that adorable smiling nurse holding up two grievously wounded prosthetic butts as much as I do?

  2. Also, ukulele really out of tune on that one; butt as ever, imperfectly forward we go! (SWIDT)

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