CircusKitchen Camping Trip LOG!

THIS INDEX IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, FOR REFERENCE INTO PERPETUITY, so our flamly can speed-dial up the stories, photos & videos from our camping experiences.  Our first  year -2013- we went ONCE.  The next year -2014- we went ONCE.  Then in 2015 we went THRICE.  In 2016 we went SIX TIMES.  In 2017 we went SEVEN times.  I expect that to remain a record for a while.  And that eventually we shall try, like, HIKING.

And with a prices between $8 and $16 per night at state parks… we will surely break the bank any century now.

PS:  Also Happy Anniversary to my one and only Manmeat.  So far so good Wove!!!!!!!

2013-08-29 12.17.34

1) August 2013:   Wells State Park, Sturbridge MA 

2013-08-29 First Time Camping – Wells State Park (MOVIE)



2) August 2014:  NH Mile Away Camp, Suncook NH


3) May 2015: Wompatuck State Park, Hingham MA

2015-05-25 11.28.41-1

2015-05-24 Food-Beach-Food

2015-05-25 Camping Wompatuck State Park (MOVIE)



4) September 2015:  Otter River State Forest

2015-09-05 15.35.47-1

2015-09-06 Why Are Dry Frogs Called Toads 

2015-09-07  Seven Year Old Transformation

2015-09-07 Camping Otter River State Forest (MOVIE)


5)  October 2015:  Clarksburg Camp in Western MA  (group of 16) [pending]



6)  May 2016:  Myles Standish State Forest MA (group of 19) [pending]


7) June 2016:  Lovell’s Island, Boston Harbor20160629_152030 stunning boston sky view

2016-06-29 Meet Lovell’s Island

2016-06-29 The Face That Broke My Internet

2016-07-01 Lovells Island MOVIE 


8) August 2016:  Bumpkin Island, Boston Harbor

2016-08-10 Camping Bumpkin – Ferryboat Fairies

2016-08-10 Swing Low Lyrics


2016-08-11 Camping Bumpkin – Ahoy Daddy

2016-08-11 Bumpkin Island Bumpkins

2016-08-11 Mighty Daddy Bumpkin

2016-08-12 Bumpkin Island Escape

2016-08-12 Bumpkin Island MOVIE



9) September 2016:  Burlingame State Park, Souther Coast of Rhode Island [pending]



10) October 2016:  Mohawk Trail State Forest, MA


2016-10-10 Mohawk Trail Camping [MOVIE]


11)  December 2016:  Mohawk Trail Forest CABIN!



2016-12-30 Mohawk Cabining [MOVIE]





12)  May 2017:  DAR State Forest (group of 11) [pending]


13) June 2017:  Lovell’s Island


2017-06-30 Loving Lovells Island [MOVIE]  



 14a) August 2017:  Otter River MA


 14b) August 2017:  Camp Andrew VT


15) September 2017:  Burlingame RI


16) October 2017:  Tully Lake MA  (group of 11)


17) December 2017:  Frost Mountain Yurts, ME 2017-12-29 13.10.52 Frosty Oberhauser Four


2017-12-30 Camping Frosty Mountain Getaway [MOVIE]   




18) May 2018:  Memorial Day at Otter River State Forest & Friends (group of 12) ...[pending]

2018-05-31 Otter River Camping Collage.jpg







19) August 2018:  Anniversary @Lovell’s Island


2018-08-15 Anniversary @Lovell’s Island  [MOVIE in Three Parts]




20) 2018 Labor Day Weekend Wampatuck State Forest [pending]...2018-09-01 Wompatuck BDay Camping Collage.jpg

21) 2018 December Getaway at Frost Mountain Yurt

2018-12-28 13.04.01.jpg

2018-12 Frost Mountain Yurt Getaway [movie] 




22) 2019 Memorial Day Weekend @ Bear State Forest


Appalachian Trail Lean-to!


2019-05-26 Beartown State Forest Camping [1:40]:




23) 2019 10th Anniversary Camping (?Celebration) @Lovell's [pending]


24) ...


25) ...


26) ...







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