CircusKitchen Camp LOG!

THIS INDEX IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, FOR REFERENCE INTO PERPETUITY, so our flamly can speed-dial up the stories, photos & videos from our camping experiences.  Our first year (2013) we went ONCE.  The next year (2014) we went ONCE.  Then (2015) we went THRICE.  For 2016 we are on pace to go 5x!  With a prices between $8 and $16 per night at state parks… we will surely break the bank any century now.

PS:  Also Happy 7th Anniversary to my one and only Manmeat.  So far so good Wove!!!!!!!

2013-08-29 12.17.34

1) August 2013:   Wells State Park, Sturbridge MA 

2013-08-29 First Time Camping – Wells State Park (MOVIE)

2) August 2014:  NH Mile Away Camp, Suncook NH


3) May 2015: Wompatuck State Park, Hingham MA

2015-05-25 11.28.41-1

2015-05-24 Food-Beach-Food

2015-05-25 Camping Wompatuck State Park (MOVIE)

4) September 2015:  Otter River State Forest

2015-09-05 15.35.47-1

2015-09-06 Why Are Dry Frogs Called Toads 

2015-09-07  Seven Year Old Transformation

2015-09-07 Camping Otter River State Forest (MOVIE)

5) October 2015:   Clarksburg Camp in Western MA (group of 16)


6) May 2016:  Myles Standish State Forest MA  (group of 19)


7) June 2016:  Lovell’s Island, Boston Harbor20160629_152030 stunning boston sky view

2016-06-29 Meet Lovell’s Island

2016-06-29 The Face That Broke My Internet

2016-07-01 Lovells Island MOVIE 

8) August 2016:  Bumpkin Island, Boston Harbor

2016-08-10 Camping Bumpkin – Ferryboat Fairies

2016-08-10 Swing Low Lyrics


2016-08-11 Camping Bumpkin – Ahoy Daddy

2016-08-11 Bumpkin Island Bumpkins

2016-08-11 Mighty Daddy Bumpkin

2016-08-12 Bumpkin Island Escape

2016-08-12 Bumpkin Island MOVIE

9) Septamber 2016:   Rhode Island



10) October 2016:  Mohawk Trail State Forest, MA


2016-10-10 Mohawk Trail Camping [MOVIE]

11)  December 2016:  Mohawk Trail Forest CABIN!


2016-12-30 Mohawk Cabining [MOVIE]

12) May 2017:  DAR State Forest (group of 11)


13) June 2017:  Lovell’s Island


2017-06-30 Loving Lovells Island [MOVIE]  

 14a) August 2017:  Otter River MA


 14b) August 2017:  Camp Andrew VT


15) September 2017:  Burlingame RI


16) October 2017:  Tully Lake MA  (group of 11)


17) December 2017:  Frost Mountain Yurts, ME 


18) May 2018:  Memorial Day at Otter River State Forest & Friends


19) August 2019:  Anniversary @Lovell’s Island


2018-08-15 Anniversary @Lovell’s Island  [MOVIE in Three Parts]






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