Camping Bumpkin – Ahoy Daddy 

Thursday,  August 11th 2016

8am this morning finds me in the hammock contemplating whether I want to scrounge up a campfire to make coffee or just keep going without coffee until some point later when Daddy might be here to make his camp stove magic.  Boy is going for sleep-in gold, and Girl has already asked why don’t I just call Daddy?

“Because maybe he’s still sleeping,” I explain. “Not every day Daddy doesn’t have kids waking him up.”

Tweeee!” comes a faint whistle to which I pay no regard until my kids cry “DADDY!!”

What the?



Dude is in a BOAT,  like,  rowing up to shore. Daddy is rowing a boat ashore.


Proverbially, literally. I didn’t even know Gavin was awake.


I didn’t know DADDY was awake for that matter.

Or that he was bringing me COFFEE.  

 ♡♡♡ *sigh* ♡♡♡

DLove joins our fold, starting with a well-earned spell in the hammock.  We may have just seen him yesterday, but ClaraJane is keeping a much closer eye on him now.


I guess if I’d checked Facebook I might have known:




Apparently lots of others did:













Much thanks to Auntie Heather and Uncle Joe in Hull for loaning Paul the rowboat.

Daddy Ho!

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