Camping Bumpkin – Ferryboat Fairies

Wednesday,  August 10th 2016

Home from my gig with smooth enough transitions to catch an earlier Boston Harbor Ferry than expected.

Daddy joins us tomorrow by shark or something we don’t know what.

We’ll just have to camp and sea.

And goof off over ferry boat pretzels.



And kill time between ferries at George’s Island.










Until we arrive!



CJ waxes ambivalent over the “Graveyard of Sea Creatures” on display.

Exploring our charming island find.

Set up is definitely easier with Daddy Love around, but we manage (not least of why because he provided dinner anyways).

AND we’re by the ocean!

Shel Silverstein by head lamp, songs by ukulele, crickets and ocean waves, I’m feeling pretty good about how I’m managing to provide for the kids out here.

“I’m so happy!” says the groggy 5-year old as she descends into sleep, “Because tomorrow is the day that DADDY comes.”

“You know you just saw him most of today right?” I ask.


And waves.

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1 Response to Camping Bumpkin – Ferryboat Fairies

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    What are the odds Daddy will bring food? Oysters, even.

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