Camping Lovells Island

Wednesday, June 29th – Friday, July 1st 2016

2016-06-29 Camping Lovell’s Island [4:43]:



To reiterate:

20160629_090525 read to go

Ready to GO



Biking Boston

Biking Boston



Ferry Plane

Ferry Plane


He married a Clown Pirate

Clown Pirate Couple


Our new home

Our new home


The Water Well

The Water Well


4 Person Tent at Work

Home Sweet Shelter




Gavin Airborne testing the “Lay Bag”



Ahh Sweet Relief;  Time to Explore

Ahh Sweet Relief; Time to Explore



20160629_144118 rock boys

Rock Boys



Holy BOSTON Bat Man!

Holy BOSTON Bat Man



2016-07-01 12.04.59 jr rangers

The Junior Ranger Pledge

Yes, we pledge to;

  • “Continue learning about the Boston Harbor Islands,
  • “Actively explore and protect this park and other special places,
  • “Share what I learn with my family and friends”

And come camping again AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (August to be exact).

Bumpkin Island here we come!




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2 Responses to Camping Lovells Island

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    What a beautiful place!
    Feels like a stupid question since there’s a photo, but what perzactly is a “lay bag”?

  2. From MaryMargaret, Jun 30

    “Enjoyed hearing from you (and from your children fighting for your focused attention to THEM, the only important matter in the universe!) this morning on Lovell Island. So happy the sun is shining and you were about to greet the BEACH! And that Rangers are relaxed, casual and happy about their job assignment. I hope they protect you from the GRIZZLY BEARS! (One just ate a Ranger in Glacier National Park, according to that fount of all wisdom and knowledge, the Internet.) Sounds like the greatest danger to your personal safety on Lovell Island, apart from rusty rebar, is your own children!”

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