The Face that Broke My Internet

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

During our first day camping Lovell’s Island, Boy records his face on my phone.  Between smitten and curious, I try uploading the short video directly to blog  (after all there is a button for that).   Before long the phone becomes HOT and unresponsive.  It won’t even turn OFF.  Of desperation I take out the battery and, when I try to restart it; DEATH.  Well, “black screen,” which on a phone that is DEATH.

Naught to do but put it away for remainder of camping trip and later try in vain to get it fixed back in civilization.  No such luck.  One week and $250 shorter I have a new phone, and this video:

2016-06-29 FACE FACE [31 seconds]:


No regrets really.  I still don’t know why the phone broke.  It’s just one of those things.  THAT’S LIFE, and there’s only one life to live.

And this face is just THAT CUTE.


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