ClaraJane’s Fifth Birthday!

July 11th 2016

2016-07-11 ClaraJane’s Fifth Birthday [7:18]:


Where the new five year old starts her day with kitten, fairies, a stuffed animal convention and TWO grandmothers, Bubble Wow & Grandma Z!


Birthday breakfast of decorate-your-own pancakes & bacon, decorate your own pancake, chocolate milk (of course with whipped cream & rainbow sprinkles), and CAKE.


Which she cut with a little help from brother Gavin.


Then it’s off to Natasket Beach Boardwalk in Hull, with Aunt Amanda & Baby Mary.


And the BEACH!  Plus cousins Audrey, Evvy, Olivia (+ Auntie Liz + dogs).


A wonderful dinner at Barefoot Bob’s is just what the doctor ordered:


Olivia and Evvy are my heroes in this shot


With what remaining strength we have… ice cream, then lights out.


A SuperStar birthday…



For a SuperStar Girl!


Love you to bits Girlfriend.  Look at you, OWNING THE WORLD!

Love, Mom

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

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