Why Are Dry Frogs Called ‘Toads?’

September 4th-6th, 2015

“Mom; Why are dry frogs called ‘toads’?”

ClaraJane pursues her research of this question throughout our End of Summer Camping Experience.





2015-09-04 15.31.13

There’s a Frog



2015-09-05 15.35.47-1



She fell in love with a toad and wanted to keep it.

Communing with Pondy the Dry Frog

Holding Pondy the (Dry) Frog


She also found the courage to let it go.

2015-09 Frog & Dry Frog [1min,45 seconds]:


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1 Response to Why Are Dry Frogs Called ‘Toads?’

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Pondy was so cute. He gave ClaraJane a goodbye caress on her ankle as he went.
    Just what you wanted. Nature Re-Search in the field. I’m sure Pondy was happy he could return to his toad flamly. And tell them about his great adventure with Giants!
    ARE dry frogs called Toads? Is that the diff?

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