ClaraJane’s Sleepover with Bubble Wow

August 15th 2016


Today is the day of a much anticipated sleepover for ClaraJane with her beloved Bubble Wow.

2016-08-15 15.10.09-1

They’re OFF


And it is perfectly delightful.

2016-08-16 04.40.01


Thank you Bubble Wow!

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1 Response to ClaraJane’s Sleepover with Bubble Wow

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    What fun for both of us! She had it all planned from start to finish. She said that at lunch she had asked her parents about that “Magic Kiss” that makes babies come and her mom said “Ask Bubble Wow. She has the book.” So she asked me and indeed I have the book.”Where Did I Come From?”. My kids learned from the same book at about the same age. I read it to ClaraJane at bedtime. She listened carefully and without comment. At the end I said “Did you already know all that?” She said no. I said “Do you have any questions?” She said no. And she went to bed.

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