Revolution Meta Painting

July 24, 2016

While nonviolently freedom fighting in Philly, one of the many amazing things we encountered is this “Meta Painting;  a collaboration of ideas and shared expression, within boundaries.”

2016-07-24 18.40.51

ClaraJane and Gavin painting for the Revolution


As we know the the Sanders Campaign has inspired SO much art across the country (and globally no doubt).  In this case, artist Scott Frias (sp?) from Baltimore is crowd sourcing the painting of this “Revolution/Resolution” sign.  Though his methods are extremely precise and not intended for kids, *my* kids demonstrated enough enthusiasm and restraint that he generously allowed them to paint in one spot that had no constrictions.  (I also got to paint a dove.)


Here is my favorite journalist from The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore, covering the rallies around Philly on the first day of the convention, including an interview about this Meta-Painting, which appears at minute 1:54.  (Warning: There is a bagpipe involved, sorry.)

Jimmy Dore Interviewing Protesters atBernie Or Bust Protest at DNC [12:24]:


We can follow the evolution of the Revolution painting on Facebook at

“Art is in us all.”

Vive la Revolution!



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1 Response to Revolution Meta Painting

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Love the art concepts, but — hey, don’t knock bagpipes. One of my favorite sounds. Scotland Forever!!!

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