Phillin the Bern – Livestream Times

July 24-28th 2016

Here is the account of my self-styled activism in support of Bernie Sanders and in protest to the DNC/HRC conglomerate around the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia PA.  I must say I am proud of my kids who were without a doubt among the youngest Revolutionaries on the job.

We didn’t get what we wanted (a Bernie Sanders nomination), but it was surely glorious to try.  How I loved this time when it was actually -technically- POSSIBLE!  It was quixotic for sure, but I rather fight for what I believe in than give up just because it seems impossible.

(Over and over my Uncle Jack’s famous words would come to me; “I’d rather trust a man and be wrong than not trust him and be right.”  I’d rather lose at fighting than win at quitting.)

I also got to spend days romping throughout a WONDERFUL city FILLED with my PEOPLE; like minded Bernie-loving souls.  (Alas there were almost ZERO $hillary supporters to be seen. Why would the scant amount of big donors and superpredators I mean superdelegates be outside on the streets when there are air conditioned convention centers and suites to enjoy?  How embarrassing to learn your candidate has been cheating all along right?  Unless you have no shame.  Oh, that’s right.  No shame.  But I digress.)

And how amazing of Facebook to give us this (what was then) cutting edge technology of Livestreaming.  So fantastic to have real time interface with happenstantial audience members ANYWHERE.  It’s like a blend of live amateur news broadcast, live twitter feed and Skype.

Anyway, as we are faced with the incomprehensible POTUS choice between “Everything that is wrong with our political system” ($hillary) and “Everything that is wrong with our culture” (Chump)… about this amazing time in Philadelphia when Bernie Sanders was still  a CANDIDATE for U.S. President, all I can say is;  Those were the days.

2016-07-24 Livestreaming the Bern [41:07]:


#StillSanders  #BernieForever  #PoliticalRevolution



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  1. Paul Oberhauser says:

    Love you and your passion.

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