Just Saying… and Adventures in Food

Sunday, February 14th 2021

It’s worth noting that I am spoiled and also had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

It starts when I run head first into this lovely man, sporting two drinks that are, well, red.

Shucks he even made little hearts out of red peppers. Oh! And grits with poached eggs, bacon and all the fixins.



As if for a special treat, the kids decide to play a video game (Minecraft), together!

Gavin lets CJ use his computer

You know you got a good brother there, letting you use his computer like that.

Somehow “Screen Time” doesn’t seem so bad when it’s a shared experience they’re creating.


Later on, rest assured that “Trying to beat mom in Backgammon” is more fun than it looks like they’re having in this photo:

Daddy & CJ team up against Mamma

Our *home* is even feeling more functional and beautiful than trashed these days… especially if you don’t look at my desk (seen partially covered in the background, next to the “fire” we’re playing on TV lol).


And since I am blogging this on Monday, allow me to share the scrumptiousness “Nurse Paul” just brought me in bed this morning;

Coffee, ibuprofen, and a bowl full of beans with “baked” eggs, grated cheese, avocado, diced onion, ground pepper, Cholula, and toasted Iggy’s sourdough bread. I messed up the presentation by gobbling several spoonfuls before I even thought to take the photo.


I’m fine; just out of shape and threw out my back apparently “breathing while middle aged.”

So I’m in bed like a big baby, with the TENS Unit on.

And also my other nurse on.

Peter Parker reports for duty.


Meanwhile it’s hella quiet in the other room where my kids’ screens are also on.

What can I do but concede.

And remit my gratitude for the innumerable blessings.

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CJ’s Valentine Tour

Sunday, February 14th 2021

ClaraJane waits to give her friend a card


One advantage about losing all your work to the pandemic is more time for the kids.

On this day we manage to drive our daughter around town to bring Valentines to a few friends.

ClaraJane with Lucia, Ofelia and Helene, respectively.


What a striking elixir it is to see actual humans that you know and like, in the flesh.

At one point she even got to join a wild game of “Dress Up.”

It almost feels normal.

Check out this adorable time lapse from Ofelia’s mom.

2021-12-14 CJ Dress Up Time Lapse [0:05]:


I even got to see *my* mom. (We held our breath to take off masks for the photo, lol.)

And my amazing sister Amanda.


Violet wasn’t home, but we got to see her awesome Mom Jenny.

And though I find myself unrecognizably anti-social as a result of this pandemic, this makes me miss other friends we haven’t seen lately too.

I will end here for now before I get overwhelmed thinking about other folks I also miss, or fantasizing about the parties we cannot currently have.

So for now, just Happy Valentine’s Day.

On ice for now.



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You Don’t *Censure* People for Inciting Insurrection that Kills

Saturday, February 13th 2021


McConnell: ‘That guy whose acquittal I just orchestrated is guilty as hell!’



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Look at That Cat: Domestic Sports

Saturday, February 13th 2021


So what if I should be embarrassed by how much of the day is spent looking at our cats and making up dumb stuff about them. What can I say; it’s CircusKitchen Quarantine.


Dese Cats: jam packed with non stop action.


They are majestic athletes, really.


Supervised from behind, Darth Snowflake is the vision of stealth, speed, and determination.


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ClaraJane Cooking Cookies with Her Class

Friday, February 12th 2021


Lil’ Chef


Today marks the third time ClaraJane’s 4th + 5th grade class has made cookies “together.”


The recipe is “Jam Ribbon Cookies,” although CJ made hers with chocolate.

Here it is:

COOKIE INGREDIENTS: 1/2C unsalted softened butter, 1/4C granulated sugar, 1 egg yolk, 1t vanilla extract, 1/4t salt, 1C flour, 1/3C any jam or chocolate of your choice,

GLAZE INGREDIENTS: 1/2 t Vanilla Extract, 1T milk/heavy cream & 1/2C powdered sugar.

TO MAKE THE DOUGH: Cream butter & sugar together until smooth. Add 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp Vanilla extract. Mix in 1C flour. Roll into two thick-ish (11″x3″) LOGS. Make indent along its length, like a trough.

Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Remove from oven and reshape the troughs.

Add jam (or chocolate) into the trough, and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

Remove from oven and dribble glaze in ribbon-like lines.

Cut slices at slight angle, and enjoy!


Special thanks to Ms. Stacey for her imagination and leadership in creating these wonderful memories for our kids during these surreal times.

Also, YUM!


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Homeschool Headmistress: Dispatches From a Friday

Friday, February 12th 2021

1) A moment of food-inspired joy for my son who is having an otherwise stressful morning in class; and not because he has a towel on his head. He showered and washed his hair this morning is all. On that score he has me beat by a long shot.


2) Daughter enjoying a well earned movie with her class of a book they recently read. And popcorn. Later they will kick off February Break by making cookies together (virtually of course).


3) And to think I started this day with a clean kitchen. Oh well, once I clean it again I will finally take that shower. As soon as I clean the litter box. And I’m sure I have some work to do. Like responsibilities and a life and an identity? I’m sure of it. At least I think I’m sure. Aren’t I?



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Circus Kitchen Duties

February 11th 2021

CircusKitchen Artwork in our CircusKitchen Kitchen


I am celebrating our latest incarnation of Household Expectations around here.



6pm: Go Create OFFLINE (everyone get off screens!)

6:45pm: Set Table

7pm: Supper

7:45pm: Cleanup

8:30pm: CJ Bedtime

9:30pm: GLO “Bed” Time*

*(or at least be prepared to GO AWAY so that we *might* find a moment of “Grownup Downtime”)



Gavin: feed cats / ClaraJane: empty dishwasher

Gavin: kitchen & Trash-Recycling-Compost / ClaraJane: kitchen


And finally, the details of KITCHEN DOODIES:



RED TASKS: clear table + put away food + load dishwasher

BLUE TASKS: wipe table + wipe counters + sweep

MOMB (that’s me): sparkle sink and stove + setup dishwasher and tomorrow’s covfefe

NOTE: The kids actually chose these groupings of their tasks. (Turns out they both abhor wiping, lol.) Each evening they decide who does RED or BLUE.


That these tasks are so clear now and displayed in this aspirational Pinterest-like style causes me to feel surprise, relief, gratitude and hope.

I’d say my key to achieving this clarity comes from slowly incorporating the kids into conversations around these things so they feel empowered with ownership over the process, and hopefully good about themselves for their meaningful contributions to a functioning household.

Also practicing enough patience to make the lists pretty so they’re pleasant to have around, with the agreed upon understanding that they are imperfect, aspirational, and open to revision as needed. (I got the frames from the dollar store, btw, and used either dry erase marker or Sharpie to write on the glass. )

The fact that my kids are 9 and 12 years old is also significant.

Not to mention that Dear Hubsand does nearly all the cooking.

The thought of going back in time makes me shudder.

But thankfully I have this blog through which I can take a peek into the past anytime.

Speaking of which, thanks for dropping in on our journey! (o:



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Homeschool Headmistress: Banana Bread

Tuesday, February 9th 2021


On this (first ever second presidential impeachment) day, I managed to make banana bread for my Distance Learners.



This is about all I’m good for, in terms of proctoring L’Ecole a la Maison; just Les Snacks.

And look at that child; food hanging right out her galactic face, right there in Class Meeting and her teacher just rolling with it.

I mean, I don’t *really* know what’s going on with all their schoolwork at any given time. And our “Dress Code” is pretty much, “Whatever you happened to wake up in.”

Oh the things these teachers see in our homes on the daily. I can only begin to imagine.



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A Tail of Three Kitties

Monday, February 8th 2021


My Monday Morning.

Aka; “Getting Up Is Hard To Do.”


My bed runneth over.

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Adventures in Food: Paul’s Superbowl Spread

Sunday, February 7th 2021

He spread a tarp over the ottoman so we could crouch around at the base of the Altar (TV).



The little pulled-pork sandwiches on sweet hawaiian rolls were so amazing; to be honest they reminded me of a dim sum dish.

Anyway, we gorged ourselves shamelessly until we were full.

Daddy scoffed and said, “Really? Those were just the appetizers. Alright I guess I don’t have to make any more food then!”

Although I did see a batch of adorable tiny pig-in-a-blankets floating around at some point later between all of the commercials and the Tom Brady.

Thanks as always Chef Paul DaddyLove!


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