Crazy Bunny Lady Diary Reboot: Introducing “Boomer!”

Thursday, February 13th 2020


Now HERE’S something NOBODY NEEDS:   A New Bunny.


Meet “Boomer”


Yes it’s true, our brood of animals just grew from FIVE to SIX.  The freecycle Facebook group in my town had this bunny who needs a home, and as a self-anointed bunny expert, I fell for it.


The younger, smaller, more female version Boomer as advertised…


In my defense, we are looking to start replacing the two bunnies I use for work, as they are getting old.  And one of them is getting… cranky.  And yes the kids and even Dear Hubsand got on board with it first, but now I have this Fuzzy Terror flinging around the domicile and I’m asking, “What have I done?”

After making all these preparations to carefully introduce Boomer to the girls -Fluff and Nutter-  naturally Boomer turns out to be a BOY.  So alas they won’t be meeting anytime soon.  The girls are on LOCKDOWN.


Sorry ladies.


Needless to say we have an appointment to see about a little alteration, ahem, down below.  Fuzzy bunny balls may be adorable, but we’ve been down this route before and they gotta GO.

Meanwhile, as I try to figure out what kind of housing arrangement to create for this handsome fella (and WHERE in our tight space, omg)… I marvel at him arranging himself around my housing.

Here he is trying my coffee… and furniture… and…



*Trying* the cat.


Peter Parker is not amused.


Doing as he pleases.  Oh my.  Such a classic BUCK.  We certainly don’t have any self-esteem issues with this one.


M i right… LADIES ???


Oh FFS he’s already taken out a personal ad:



Shit we are in trouble.

facepalm emoji

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2020 Atlanta Juggling Festival Trip in GIFs

February 7-8-9 2020

THANK YOU ATLANTA GROUNDHOG JUGGLING FESTIVAL: Where legends and novices are equals in the Art of Play!


1) Anticipation


2)  Finally there!


3)  Gavin’s first unicycle lesson, courtesy of Jonathan Perry


4)  Lucy Eden rocking Mills Mess in 3-ball Simon Says


5)  Audience members of the Big Show, where it’s fine to fidget in your seat


6)  Loved this (Duncan-sponsored) Yo-Yoist!


7)  These two were irresistible


8)  Aidan took a creative turn as Joker (@ 13 y/o!)


9)  Loved this kid’s joy and creativity


10)  Even the Treasurer gets in on the Act


11)  The great Tim Settimi shares some some expert rollerskate pointers with CJ


12)   Another Goddesses’ child naturally bored by her awesomeness


13)   The legendary Sem Abrahams joyfully coaching double dutch


14)   TFW when you’ve been eliminated from 3-ball Combat BEFORE your son


15)   Where the littlest contender can be the Biggest Hero


16)   “Just” Joey shows a favorite card trick


16)  Backstage at Cabaret



17)  About to perform with these three legends: Ron Anglin, Tim Settimi & Meredith Gordon…


18)  When you discover your kid is already onstage with the “Inimitable” Larry V


19)  Me:  “He reminds me of Johnny Depp.”

        CJ:  “Well he reminds ME of Captain Jack Sparrow!”


20)  The Abrahams Family strikes again


21)  Jonathan Perry doing… what he does best?


22)  Some lovely stylings by this performer


23)  Jim Moulton:  Circus Clown Extraordinaire


24)  Beginners and virtuosos unite!


25)  Where old dogs still practice their tricks…


26)  Inspiration is everywhere!


27)  Even Shivella just entering the bathroom is inspiring


28)  Just a normal kid… on a hoverboard… rolling his dad’s custom-made hydraulically adjustable giraffe unicycle out to the car…


29)  After the ecstasy… I think ClaraJane sums it up best:



UNTIL NEXT TIME AJA, we love you and thank you!


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CJ Travel (B)log: The Wait at the Gate

Friday, February 7th 2020

Dispatch from the Field Office

I love when my kids journal during a trip. At the risk of jinxing it, this one was spontaneous and unprompted (by me).


One day -even this day- I may pay dearly for posting this. But in the meantime, le swoon!

Proud Mama may end up a Dead Mama, but I’ll still be proud of my babies.


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Tribute to Spirit Airlines

February 7th 2020

My son just charitably showed me this video right before we board the plane.

Why You Shouldn’t Fly on Spirit Airlines [2:17]:


Thanks, Son!

(And since you’re wondering; No. We’re flying JetBlue today.)

✈️ 🚀 🌋🛸🛩

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CircusKitchen Animal Care

February 2020

3 Fat Cat Stack (Bottom to Top: Flash, Peter Parker, and “Kitten”)

Greetings Beloved Animal Care Giver!

THANK YOU for volunteering to take care of our five magnificent beasts.

First up, Les Chats.

1. FLASH: The Slow One

Here’s a big, dumb, shy, black & white fellow; ITCHY HEAD. He LIVES to have the top of his head scratched.

2. PETER PARKER: The Coy One

His tail curves up, but he likes his butt smacked; gently but firmly, with the three center fingers, right on his sacrum. (You might need to hold the tail down with your other hand).

3. KITTEN: The One With Attitude

His name is “Darth Snowflake,” but he only knows “Kitten,” and kiss noises 💋 💋 💋. I can’t explain the spell he casts on us. Likes to be stroked from head to tail, and also the side of his neck rubbed gently with the side of your finger.

In addition to love they also need food.


Please open three cans of cat food meat and place in their blue food bin. Then pour one container of kibble in the bin also. This is enough for one day.


Please rinse and refill their bowl of water (next to the dishwasher). Thank you!

How you know the food bin is empty.

Now for the Buns!

4. FLUFF and NUTTER. The buns are finicky and hard to interact with very much by themselves. I do not recommend picking them up, but you may pet them, and/or offer them a treat (yogurt drop) from the jam jar.


Please rinse and refill their water mug. (Very important!)


A) One big (messy) handful of hay goes on the right side of their bottom floor bin.

B) Onto the hay please pour one scoop of bunny kibble.

C) Grab a couple generous handfuls of fresh veggies from the container in the fridge and place it on their “balcony.”

That is it. Thank you SO SO much!!

We thank you, and if our pets were capable of any gratitude whatsoever, I’m sure they’d thank you too.

We hope you have enjoyed this installment of, “CircusKitchen Animal Care.”


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Skyline: OMG Wait, What? Eek and… Farewell

February 1st 2020


Dad and El Paso on the Skyline Ranch


Today is the day my parents evacuate my childhood home, in “Oakland,” California.

Except it was never “Oakland.”  To me it’s “Secret Magic Unicorn Oakland.”

It’s not the Oakland you think about, or even one that most people know about.

It was an old ranch my parents found on the tippy top of paradise and bought for a song when I was six weeks old.

But now it is a sprawling equestrian estate, with the same, steady 20 mile view of gorgeous and protected Regional Park mountains.

I doubt there is a term for “Upper Middle Class Climate Refugees,” but the Fire Insurance alone has gone up around $25,000 per year, on top of all the other kinds of insurance and expenses.  And when you are are of retirement age with limited income… turns out that is a deal breaker.

So after a month of packing up 50 years worth of homesteading under the incomparable direction of my indomitable stepmom Anita, plus a little transition period, they are off to Ann Arbor Michigan.

I am numb.

And eternally grateful my son and I crafted a spontaneous surprise visit out there this past November.  I did not suspect that would be my last time to set foot on the tippy top of Earth’s paradise.  Or to see my Dad gazing over this domain for the last time.



Update:  I was mistaken, and they are not moving out for two more weeks.  Still packing like the dickens and getting out of dodge asap though.



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Kids in Cars with My Sister and Me

Friday, January 31st 2020

Although I spend most of this day with our Mom, it is my sister and our kids whose pictures I capture (even if by video chat).   Here is my sister going somewhere with her little kids:


Amanda actually has the most amazing smile and the only reason it’s not showing here is because we’re discussing something serious.

Mary is five, Rowan is 1½, Miles (not shown) is 12.  

Here is me going somewhere with mine:


ClaraJane is reading “Frozen II” on the way to see “Frozen II.” (o:

Gavin is 11, ClaraJane is 8.


As you can see, her youngest children are younger than mine, which is why you see her face buried amid a swirl of cherubic faces, sticky fingers and active artwork in progress on-the-go.

My kids faces are buried in books.

It’s all so good.  We are all healthy and alive and making messes and doing stuff, briefly flying around on a piece of rock whirling through the universe.  What immeasurable blessings!


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