Wind Up Cat

Wednesday, May 15th 2019

Kitten actually.  His name is Darth Snowflake but we call him “Kitten.”

And this is how he winds up to bap at the cat toy, apparently:




BTW:  This image is not sped up; it was taken and rendered at regular speed.

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Juggling Times: Duckling Day 2019

Sunday, May 12th 2019

After some lovely Mother’s Day morning festivities at home, Dear Hubsand provides me his annual chauffeur service for my gig on the Boston Common, so I don’t have to park (yippee!).  It’s the annual Duckling Day Parade in honor of the venerable children’s book, Make Way for Ducklings, sponsored by Friends of the Public Garden.  It’s so unbelievably cute I had to share.  It was even rainy as hell and nobody cared.  Enjoy!

2019-05-12 DUCKLING DAY BOSTON 2019 [1:12]: 



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Hospital Clowning: Skin is IN @BCH!

March/April 13th 2019

On rounds with Doc Skeeter on March 13th, we encounter a bunch of Dermatology Nurses who ask us to help with a promo video as a part of a nation-wide awareness campaign for their specialty.

When I run into one of the nurses six weeks later, she tells me they WON first place is in the campaign!

Here it is, with a couple familiar characters showing up around 2:28.

BCH CWOCNs Love Skin [2:59]:


Way to go “CWOCN’s!”


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Secret Juggler & Hospital Clowning: A Tale of Two Birthdays

Monday, April 29th 2019

del gold bday

On Sunday I perform as Jenny the Juggler a birthday party for a one year old baby girl in a restaurant banquet room rented out by the  family.  Over the dance floor a huge rainbow of balloons sports her name in huge gold foil; A-R-I-A.  Upwards of 150 loved ones and family members from every generation are dining on fantastic Italian food.  The Mom has done a spectacular, professional quality job of decorating around the theme, which is Alice in Wonderland for Aria’s “ONEderful” Party.   The decor includes life-sized queen of hearts cards, vases of flowers and gorgeous china teacups stacked with rose petals.   Beautifully wrapped presents pile atop yet more tables.  Per usual I provide fabulous face painting, balloon animals and a show with juggling, magic, music, comedy, a full on dance party and two real live tame bunny rabbits.   A bespoke fondant cake rounds out the celebration, and the adorable baby with the fabulous hairstyle beams with excitement when everyone sings to her.  Everyone leaves exhausted with delight.  I am paid well and tipped handsomely before heading off to my third and final event for the day.

del scared baby

Monday finds me at Boston Children’s Hospital performing as Dr. Be Bopper with with Dr. Dazzle.  When we arrive on the Intensive Care Unit, a nurse informs us there is a birthday in one of the rooms.  Little Ernesto is turning one today!  We find a sweet bald baby sitting up with a tube coming out of his nose taped to his face.  He is hanging out with mom by his crib and extremely apprehensive of us, so we gently serenade him from the doorway.  Dazzle & I harmonize beautifully while crooning a soothing song to celebrating his birthday.  He is cuddling her and she is cooing and beaming with joy, thanking us profusely as we leave.  There is a Happy Birthday banner on the door which we close gently before heading off to find our next patient down the hall.


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Hospital Clowning: Party in the Party Room

Monday, April 29th 2019

del party

Our very first visit this morning, we knock on the door, peek in and Dr. Dazzle says, “Is this the party room?”  Five year old Asa is snuggling in bed with Daddy until she bolts upright and says, “Yes!”  Failing our attempts to introduce ourselves, Dr. Dazzle becomes “Dr. I Don’t Know,” and I am now “Dr. I Don’t Know Either.”  Because it is officially a party, I pull a roll of crepe paper streamers out of my pocket and little Asa insists SHE do the decorating.  She hops out of bed and busies herself hanging streamers around her room, followed closely by Mom maneuvering the I.V. pole so she doesn’t come unhooked.  Being a party, we get busy with the music and the dancing.  Dr. Dazzle is singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” while Asa & I dance.  She is in her underwear doing the floss.  What I’m trying to say is perhaps you have never truly partied until you have danced with a mighty little bald five year-old hooked up to an I.V. pole in her oncology room dancing the floss in her underwear.

As we leave, the big ol’ Dad is choking back emotion as he shakes his head and says a simple, heart rending, “Thank you.”  Of course it is we who are so deeply honored to have shared this visit.

Sanitizing our hands outside the door, we overhear Asa already on the phone with a relative, bragging, “I’m a CLOWN now!!”

del giraffe floss



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Hospital Clowning: Make Me Laugh

Monday, April 29th 2019

del obstinate kid.jpg

Passing through the lobby on our way to rounds, Dr. Dazzle and I encounter a boy who plants his feet firmly, crosses his arms and says daringly, “Make me laugh!”

Game. On.

“Alright then,” I say, “How about this?”

I do a little pirouette, finish with jazz hands, and look at him expectantly, “Huh!?”

He gives a skeptic little nod, “No.”

“OK then how about some silly noises?  Do you enjoy silly noises.  For example, [squeeee!]?”


“[Kazoo buzz]?”


Thriving on this rejection, I continue through the paces, pulling out every squeaky toy and noise maker in my possession, all to no avail (although obviously he is enjoying the attention, not to mention people around us are starting to take notice of the unfolding drama).

Desperate, I pull out the pièce de résistance, the fart machine.  I hold it up to his head, and say, “OK, FINE,” and hit him in the ear with a nice juicy fart noise.

The left edge of his strait firm pout twitches.

“A HA!” I exclaim, victorious.

His face flashes into a gorgeous brilliant smile and everyone around cracks up laughing.

All hail the mighty Fart Gun!

The boy and I high-five, I dip around the corner to Purell my hand, then Dazzle and I head off towards the elevators.

Our day is just getting  started.



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My Favorite Konmari Fan Piece to Date

Thursday, April 25th 2019

Although I haven’t taken the leap to actually APPLY Marie Kondo’s Method to my home in its totality, I remain inspired and influenced nonetheless.   And I love to see what other people can accomplish using The Konmari Method.

To that end, I recommend her Netflix show with the highest of accolades.  Six simple episodes of magic, wonder -and yes labor, sweat, tears- but most of all; JOY!

See for yourself in this 90 second trailer.


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo | Official Trailer | Netflix [90 seconds]:


Her mere six episodes are instantaneously bingable, but more importantly there are tons of fan videos from folks she has inspired all over the world!

This 17 minute one here by “Wild We Roam” is my favorite so far.  The personalities are fantastic, the editing is exquisite, and the end result is -as always- 100% uplifting.




So happy for them!  And hopeful for me.  Even if I once did literally almost give away our heirloom dining room chairs.

Remember the time Emily Gilmore KonMari’d her house? | Spark Joy | Marie Kondo  [0:57]: 


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