Heineken “Worlds Apart” for the Win

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

Amidst the absolutely insane political culture we got brewing around the whole world today, looka this shining beautiful nugget.


Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld [4:26]:


Bravo Heineken!!!


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May Day Maturity

Monday, May 1st 2017

After the ecstasy of the birthday party on Sunday, and forgoing activism (International Worker’s Day and Immigrants Rights) on Monday, the afternoon of Gavin’s actual birthday found us at home with new toys and play.

2017 05 01 MAY DAY MATURITY [1:22]:


What’s the word for “This is as good as it gets?”

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Happy Earth Day with Neil deGrasse Tyson

April 22nd 2017

In honor of (what we have left of) Earth Day this year, I offer the words of The Man himself, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Science in America – Neil deGrasse Tyson [4:43]:


2017-04-22 21.08.32

2017-04-22 21.40.33









Next Up:

The SCIENCE MARCH including performance (of physics, physiology & psychology) by yours truly in Boston.


2017-04-22 16.22.48

ClaraJane enjoying the Earth on Earth Day


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April Escape Into the Mystic

April 19th-21st 2017

April Break Escape:  Mystic, CT

Definitely left pieces of our hearts in Mystic!

Part I:  2017-04-19 INTO THE MYSTIC CT [2:42]:


Part II:  2017-04-20 MYSTIC POOL TIME AT THE TABER INN [1:20]:


Part III:  AQUARIUM (wherein Mamma successfully impersonates a Beluga Whale Face):

2017-04-21 MYSTIC AQUARIUM [1:55]:





My little 5 y/o 5th Grader…




2017-04-20 14.01.47 Let your soul & Spirit fly


(April 2017 ~ Sept 2010)





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Easter 2017

Sunday, April 16th 2017

2017 04 16 CIRCUSKITCHEN EASTER [3:19]:


2017-04-18 13.39.08-1

Baba Wow & Mary

Meanwhile in Fenway Park:

2017-04-18 13.39.08-2

Miles & friends watch/help Red Sox win!


Meanwhile in Hawaii:

2017-04-18 13.39.08

Sanjay & Arjun

Looking forward to seeing these cousins soon!

Meanwhile in Florida:

2017-04-17 20.05.19 -Easter in Florida

Happy Easter


I guess this how they do it, we don’t know.  In any case Grandma Z sure makes it fun for us from way down there.  Thanks Grandma Z & looking forward to seeing you soon!

Meanwhile in politics:

Did everything we could to leave politics off the menu this one day.

Nevertheless we persist and:

2017-04-16 14.56.56



And watch out for killer babies who arrange the pillows on your bed into a mountain,  declare, “Dis my stuff!” and proceed to defend it with their very, whole, pamper-clad self.

2017-04-16 14.45.55



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We Need a People’s Party

April 6th 2017


On a day where:

  •  Senate Republicans are going “nuclear” to override opposition to appointing an anti-feminist, corporatist conservative judge (Gorsuch) to the U.S. Supreme Court,
  • Our Babboon-in-Chief is theatrically following through with his imperative to throw another oil party war in the Middle East (Syria), and
  • It is the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. entering the First World War

There is a group organizing to create a political party that represents the PEOPLE and not just the corporate, military-industrial interests of the oligarchy.

Nick Brana, Founder of Draft Bernie for a People’s Party writes:

“Democrats would have us forget that it was their zealous devotion to neoliberalism that gave us President Trump in the first place. They traded their partnership with organized labor for an alliance with Wall Street. They rigged the primary for the sake of nominating the epitome of the establishment in the midst of a political revolution.

“Where is the major party for the 94 percent of Americans who say that money in politics is a problem? Where is the major party for the 60 percent who want single payer health care? Where is the major party for the 62 percent who want free public college? We have two parties that represent corporations. Where is the people’s party?

“It’s right here, in each of you. This is how it begins.

“One hundred and sixty years ago, facing a pro-slavery Whig party that had abandoned them, abolitionist pioneers gathered in conversations such as this one. Together, those 19th century progressives overthrew a major party and ushered in a decades-long period of dominance for their new party. 

“Now, in the midst of a second Gilded Age, we must assemble once more to cast off the establishment parties and declare that this country belongs to the people!

“Moments such as these define a nation.”

Donate to Draft Bernie

Draft Bernie-logo.png

we can't afford bernie sandersPoint c -2017-03-15 21.48.41

No More War


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Syrian Chemical Attack(s) – The Horror

Tuesday, April 4th 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.03.39 AM.jpg

Syrians have been attacked by chemicals (again).

I had this crushing feeling when I heard on the news, and went to bed with this cringing resolve to LOOK today.

I cannot claim to even begin to know what in living hell is the deal with Syria.   (I *ASSUME* it is an innocent bystander in the tug-of-war between U.S. and Russia for access to OIL pipelines to be run through their country, as well as another wonderful opportunity to export military arms and equipment.  Rumors even suggest that different factions from the U.S. are even fighting each other over there.)

The MSM tells us this attack came from the Syrian Government itself.  Some evidence suggests otherwise.  Alternative Media vehemently decries foul play, suggesting this was a political stunt by the west to frame Assad and throw ourselves another war*.

*(Recorded about the U.S. buildup to war yesterday just before news broke of the latest chemical attack.) 

WELP, I do not know What in Man’s Godforsaken Hell to do.  But I know for sure I can start by NOT averting my eyes, NOT shutting my mind and NOT closing my heart.

THESE CHILDREN, dying naked in the mud, choking on chemicals and gasping their last breaths … are MY CHILDREN.

( Graphics video ) Syria idlib chemical attack 4 march 2017 [2:15]: 


Here’s a 5 minute MSM take on the situation:

Chemical Attack In Syria Kills About 100 People

The U.N. is having an emergency meeting about it:

WATCH LIVE: U.N. Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting On Syria Chemical Attack | TIME

I do not freaking know.  Anything.  Is this a gas pipeline war?!

How can we stop this from happening again?

Will humans ever stop terrorizing each other?


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