Gavin & Improv Camp

July 28th 2017


In order to attend Improv Camp as planned, Gavin had to come home from a last minute trip with his closest cousin Miles.  He was so mad he gave me the SILENT treatment for a whole night.  I feared his introduction to theatre might be ruined.  When I picked him up after the first day, he felt so overwhelmed & exhausted he said, “I’m never going back!”

But then came a positive review of his lunch and snacks.  And the mention of a couple friends he’d made.   And games they had played.  Theatre games.

A couple more days and the lunches we send burgeon into legendary proportion.  He asks to make sure we’re coming to his end-of-week show, and whether he can have a few friends over afterwards.

I tell him I don’t feel comfortable excluding anyone, and would he like us to have an AFTER PARTY for everyone instead?



2017-07-28 14.29.40-1

Gavin’s class impersonating a giant snowball in a museum

•  nurtures innate curiosity, creativity, and ability to make connections with others
•  learn to have confidence in their own point of view, accept “mistakes” as gifts, become inspired team players, and communicate their ideas more effectively.
•  the fundamentals of the art also set forth a creative process leading to support, engagement, trust, and applied risk-taking off-stage as well as on.
•  provides life-long tools they can use every day.


Frankly, the mutually supportive, encouraging cooperative spirit of Improv is something that would benefit anyone.  Especially… everyone.

Needless to say the show was great, with special guest Bubble Wow.  Gavin’s favorite art teacher was also in the audience (Mr. Jeff).



2017-07-28 15.20.23 -1

Curtain call


The after party was also great because it happened at all!  We were able to shove our normal mess aside and make room for others.  A nice amount of people came and relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company and watched the kids flow around.   At one point the kids were missing and I heard they were all in our bedroom.  Gavin not only made new friends but so did we.


2017-07-28 16.56.44 -1

eg; Max


Now our Boy is making up stories, being bold in his creative expression and asking for more improv experiences.  The camp cost $325 and I probably spent about $75 on snacks for the party.

Overall value?  P r i c e l e s s.

On a side note:  I also got more hugs and kisses from my boy this week than I perhaps ever remember, so that doesn’t hurt.  As a mom I think you need to take your kids’ perennial affection as easy come easy go.  Mainly I’m just relieved I didn’t f* it up.

So that’s a wrap for now.  But to be continued.  We already got a call from a new friend’s parent asking if Gavin might be going back to camp again in the next couple weeks.

Perhaps we can say, “Yes, and…


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Skyline Splash n’ Bash 2017 – Part 2

July 15th 2017

More from the Thompsons and Oberhausers on vacation at Skyline.

2017-07-15 SKYLINE SPLASH n’ BASH 2017 – Part 2 [4:05]: 


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Stinson Beach Fam

Friday, July 14th 2017

After Mt. Tam with my husband, brother and our kids.


2017-07-14 STINSON BEACH FAM [3:28]:



2017-07-14 14.12.56 panorama


When you take a selfie exactly when your nephews are killing each other…

2017-07-14 14.25.18 thumbs up


And your son learns moves to try on you now…

2017-07-14 14.29.52 sanjay & glo2017-07-14 14.30.10 G Sanjay Takedown











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Oakland Adventure Landing

Thursday, July 13th 2017

When Bruce, Paul, Jennifer, Gavin, ClaraJane and Sanjay went to the little adventure park by the Oakland Zoo.




2017-07-13 15.35.06 6 y:o 52 inches.jpg2017-07-13 15.43.59







High heels at the carnival?   High five!!




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Splash n’ Bash 2017 – Part 1

July 13th 2017

2017-07-13 SKYLINE SPLASH n’ BASH 2017 – Part 1 [4:13]:


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Sanjay and Arjun

July 13th 2017

Wherein my brother recorded his boys being… themselves.

2017-07-13 SANJAY & ARJUN [32 seconds]: 



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Fire Face

July 12th 2017

That time I inadvertently lit my face on fire for the amusement of my family.

2017-07-12 FIRE FACE [2:04]:

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