Back to School 2020 – Day Two

Thursday, September 17th 2020

4th & 7th Grade Distance Learning – DAY TWO


  1. CJ’s teacher provided cardstock copies of Montessori Materials:

One of the first tasks was to cut them into tiny squares; a simple physical craft.  FANTASTIC. 

2. My favorite!  Sanctioned time for Animal Show & Tell:

Kitten and Boomsy make guest appearances in 7th Grade.


2020-09-17 Kitten & Boomsy Attend 7th Grade [1:02]:



3. ClaraJane tears up some leaves for observation in her Science Notebook:

I love it.


4. She is also assigned to look out the window and draw what she sees:

Freaking brilliant.



5. There are also little mental health breaks throughout the day:

Peter Parker gives great belly.  aka: #BELLEH!


6.  Meanwhile, Gavin’s school schedule is so organized and clear that we actually KNOW WHAT IT IS!  

A most life-saving and welcome change from the chaos of crisis distance learning we had in the spring. #Halleluia


7.   All done with school and time for after school cartoons; classic.

I cannot judge; Bugs Bunny & Road Runner were a salvation when I was a kid.


8. Besides, we go outside to the garden…

CJ finds a Cosmos flower sprouting among our new clover patch.


9.  To the park…

10. And to the POOL!

Still pinching myself that a beautiful public pool opened up in our neighborhood (pic pending).

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First Day of School 2020 – Gavin & ClaraJane

Wednesday, September 16th 2020

It’s finally here! Here is pandemic-style Back-to-School for us:

ClaraJane and Gavin begin 4th and 7th Grade respectively.


After several missteps, stumbles, and inelegant moments courtesy of moi, ClaraJane and Gavin each make it onto their First Day of School Meetings.

For one thing I know how to provide SNACK.


Even though we are still home, so far it is like night and day compared to our crisis learning experience this past spring. The teachers and leadership capabilities of our schools are shining through.  Honestly they seem so prepared and organized.

Introductory circle in Gavin’s new 7th Grade advisory class.

I almost hate to say it but I’m starting to feel relief and… optimism?

CJ’s teacher Ms. Stacey even included a 5-minute segment for kids to show off pets and stuffed animals.  Be still my heart!  

Kitten seems extra ready for in-home schooling, especially for  study breaks.  And who wouldn’t want all these TOE BEANS on their curriculum?


Meanwhile, time for more snacks: 

Gavin would like more honey in his tea, and CJ is surprised to be this hungry already.


I’m kind of stuck in limbo, available if needed, a little too nervous to dive into any other project. Thankfully my kids can provide clear directives:


OK honey! Mommy can take a hint. I will be right here for when you… don’t need me?

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Happy *13th* Birthday Miles!

Monday, September 14th 2020

Although we had to miss it this year, we love you Miles and are so proud of you Buddy!


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Happy 12th Birthday ZAIDA

Sunday, September 13th 2020

For our dear friend Zaida’s birthday, we had the pleasure of making her a *Covid* themed piñata; an emoji in need of a haircut on one side, Caronavirus on the other. 😷 💥 😹

The sushi feast she requested was provided by none other than Chef Paul; I told her she can never say anything bad about her elementary school chef, lol.

2020-09-13 Happy 12th Birthday Zaida [1:03]:


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September 2020: Back to School…ish

Friday, September 11th 2020

Back-to-School meeting with the New Teacher IRL!

Outside with masks but we were really there!

ClaraJane with her new 4th Grade Teachers; Ms. Stacey & Mr. Jeremiah

We didn’t even go *in* the school but it still felt amazing to be there.

So far so good.

CJ’s Kinda Back-to-School Outfit (o:

Here ClaraJane’s Almost-Back-to-School ensemble also features the new bucket of school supplies because Ms. Stacey is determined to cultivate some of the learning *offline.*

Here’s hoping!


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Medical Clowning: Mask Safety Video Shoot with Dr. Be Bopper and Dr. Mal Adjusted

Wednesday, September 9th 2020

Voice over day is pending, and I will share the shenanigans as soon as the video becomes available.



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Gavin’s Juggling Audition

September 7th 2020


Gavin got excited at the prospect of this upcoming gig through our local casting agency:


So we threw together an audition video.

2020-09-06 Gavin Juggling [0:30]:



Took a couple stabs at a “headshot”:


And the resume is *in process.*

As his mother I want to help, but not in such a way it promotes the idea that these things happen by themselves. We shall see.

* * *

UPDATE: He did submit his materials -yay!- and we never heard back, boo! As I write it is the day of the shoot (and first day of school anyway). I’m proud he gave it a shot, AND; my baby got his first RESUME writing and job application experience under his belt. Woo hoo!

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Hospital Clowning: “Guess the Critter!”

September 7th 2020

Play along with members of the Laughter League and guess what animal we are pretending to be!

2020-09-06 Guess the Critter! [4:21]:



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At Rise: At Least Have Something Good, Mom

Thursday, August 27th 2020

AT RISE: Due to ever-changing Covid conditions, it suddenly turns out that *right now* is the best time for Daddy and Gavin to leave for their hiking trip instead of next week. All packed and ready to go, Gavin comes into the master bedroom to find Mom cowering in bed, munching through a snack bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

GAVIN: Mom! If you’re gonna stress-eat about this, at least have something good. Don’t eat Doritos. Have something good, like… Lays. Or… Funions or something!

MOM: Gee thanks honey that’s great advice. Now be careful on your trip and don’t die or anything!

GAVIN: OK Mom. [Hugs Mom.]


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10th Anniversary Ferry

Retro Date: August 14th 2020

Happy Anniversary Wove!


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