My New Favorite Song: FEEL THE BERN

Friday, March 15th 2019

As Bernie wraps up another spectacular campaign rally with P-E-O-P-L-E today in South Carolina, I discover my new.  Favorite.  Song.


The Pied piper Bernie Sanders for the middle class, while the GOP wants to put our interest last, he’s gon give it to you raw, no hesitation, with the right ideas to lead this great nation, no hand outs no special interests groups, he don’t lie to get votes he’s telling you the truth, and while the media wants to down play him, He’s still gonna fight tell em all he ain’t playing, pushing for higher wages so we all can feed our families, The only one I know who can conquer this Insanity, of this wall street bickering, belittling the poor, dollar bills only thing they’re considering, when people need health care, kids need school, when it comes to politics Bernie’s breaking, no attack ads on the competition needed, he’s running on the facts and its something that we needed, Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, all the way to the White House Feel The Bern, Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, tell the haters on the Right, They can feel the Bern, Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, all the way to the White House Feel The Bern, Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, tell the haters on the Right, They can feel the Bern, You hear them scared shook, “he’s a democratic socialist”, but they don’t even know what it means they just roll with it, get over it, check the resume, fighting for civil rights ever since the first day, while other candidates, still with their handouts, we do it old school grassroots standout, cuz this is our time to have our voices heard, you fat cats had your chance now it’s our turn, they say he can’t win cuz he’s just to liberal, way to extreme, to honest, to cynical, they want another robot politician the same old rhetoric, now they’re gonna listen
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Best Seat in the House

Saturday, March 9th 2019

It’s said that to get the attention of a child, you sit down and look comfortable.

I may not be too good at it, but my Baby DaddyLove sure is.


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Friday Night Hubsand

Friday, March 8th 2019

Hate to brag, but l👀k at my man!

He saves us 100’s of dollars in plumbing by Doing It Himself!

Then he oversees little Gorls in the kitchen, making delicious homemade pretzels!

He then jumps into a vigorous Dungeons and Dragons Quest.

Just a quiet Friday night at home with my Renaissance Man.

Mah Hubsand.


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iMemories: Shipping Time

Sunday, March 3rd 2019


CJ takes a break from the Lego wedding she’s planning to model the iMemories Shipping Box. (o:


After procrastinating for ten months, I’m finally getting this box out of here with just some parts of my soul inside.   As an obsessive documenter with some notable adventures under my belt, I have beloved yet heretofore unearthed footage that’s been sitting around for YEARS.  Thanks to technology and ingenuity, “” is here to digitize the tapes into a viewable (AND downloadable) format at about $12 a pop.  Yass.

So for my own sanity, before I ship these things off in the complimentary box, here is the chronicle of what I’m aspiring to curate here.  On Mini-DV:


Driving over the course of five weeks, I had adventures in:

  1. Boston MA
  2. Amherst MA
  3. Rochester NY,
  4. Dearborn(?) MI
  5. Dayton OH & Louisville KY
  6. Nashville TN
  7. Gulf Shores AL
  8. Biloxi(?) MS
  9. New Orleans LA
  10. Little Rock AR
  11. Lake Ouachita AR
  12. De Queen AR
  13. Dallas TX
  14. Flagstaff & Grand Canyon AR
  15. Irvine CA
  16. San Juaquin Valley CA
  17. Oakland CA
  18. Humboldt County
  19. Portland OR &
  20. Dell’Arte CA.

The tapes -in Mini-DV- seem meticulously labeled:

  1. TN
  8. TGIVING 2000

Some of this footage includes relatives who are no longer with us:  Grandma Nina, Great Aunt Louise, my dear Uncle Ken and my incomparable Uncle Jack to name a few.  And some, apparently, includes my Theatre School classmates jumping into the ocean naked.  I also recall filming a full fledged cos-playing DEVIL leaning his head in my open car window, sticking out his tongue, flipping me the bird and growling, “Welcome to New Orleans.”  In other words, priceless.

I feel pretty freaked out how all this (raw, unedited) footage is going to come back to me.

In fact, I’ve decided that is all the footage I’m going to send at once.  Just ONE, giant, epoch project.

No big deal right?


Here goes nothing…


IN THE HOPPER:  footage from juggling adventures in Hawaii.

ALSO:  Episodes of the local TV show I used to host, lol.

Wish me luck with iMemories!

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At Rise: Equalality is Like this Tray of Legos

Saturday, March 2nd 2019


AT RISE:  Mom & CJ are each working at their desks in the living room after listening to Bernie Sanders’ campaign launch speech in Brooklyn, NY.

CJ:  Mama?

M:  Yes hon?

CJ:  Equality is like this tray of legos.

M:  Hmm?

CJ:  Well, imagine that all the legos were on just one side of the tray, and it was sinking down. That would be like the power that, like, whites have now.  And the other side?  It would be up in the air.  And That would be unfair!

M: Good point honey!

CJ:  What we NEED is to have the legos all A-ROUND!

M:  !



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Bernie 2020: Sayonara Chump

March 2019








Bernie - Feel the Bern lawn sign

Feel the Bern… you unequivical asswipe!!!




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Michael Cohen Day: Thanks Ikea!

Wednesday, February 27th 2019


Oh man, that was whack.  Strait up, historic, whack.

I’m just so grateful that the thing I ordered from Ikea just arrived so I totally had a tangible project to throw myself into while taking in The Hearing.  (Not to mention a an open day in which to do these things.)

It’s a folding, floating desk for my daughter.

She didn’t really want to give up her old desk (a charming, funky, wobbly old folding table), but agreed to *try* this one.

She dealt with the transition mostly by burrowing into the box it came in, replete with flashlight, snacks and a bowl of ice (because “It’s hot in here!”)  Later when I emptied the box after she was done, out dribbled a small rivulet of water and some chocolate chips. 😹


One trip to the hardware store later and the desk is finally installed. But, will she like it? 

Drumroll please…

Miss Saasypants thinks about it.


That’s a yes.

Just as the Cohen Hearing ends too.

We made it!

Thank you IKEA.

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