At Rise: Mom at the Dentist

Monday, June 28th 2021

AT RISE: Mom is at the dentist’s office getting settled in the dentist chair.

Assistant: Here you are. [Starts adjusting equipment in the room.]

Mom: Thanks. [Starts feeling an almost imperceptible pulsing between the left and right side of the chair on her back.]

Mom: Is this chair massaging me?

Assistant: Yes. So you can roolax.

Mom: Huh! Somehow I don’t remember that from before. Is it new?

Assistant: Maybe I only put you in the other chairs before.

Mom: Ah. I’m moving up in the world!

Assistant: You… are moving… out?

Mom: No. I said, “I’m moving up in the world.”

Assistant: Oh.

Mom: Because I’m in the massage chair now.

Assistant: Yes. So you can roolax.

Mom: Right. It was a joke.

Assistant: OK. [Issues a nervous laugh. Changes subject.] So, you are getting a crown?

Mom: Yes. But only a temporary one, right?

Assistant: Yes.

Mom: Then I shall only relax temporarily.

Assistant: [Silent.]

Me: That was also a joke

Assistant: Oh.

Mom: I can tell you when they’re coming or when they’ve just been.

Assistant: Ok. [Walks out.]




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3 Responses to At Rise: Mom at the Dentist

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Tough audience.

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