Five Stages of Grief: Golden Retriever Edition

Tuesday, June 22nd 2021


Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed! [2:20]:


When I sent this video to my (13 y/o) son, he wrote:

he went through the 5 stages of grief! denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance! so funny mom.


OK so first of all, the Boy is spot on, as usual.

Secondly, SO spot on!

I mean, I distinctly remember learning about Elisabeth Kubler-Ross while earning my undergraduate degree in psychology. Her groundbreaking 1969 book, “On Death and Dying” is where the “Five Stages” originate.

But that my 13 y/o has implicitly learned and understands these as a matter of course, as a matter of viewing content online and understanding behavior in the world…

Well I just never would have anticipated that.

That is because I am Gen-X(L), I was born before the internet and am helping to raise the next generation who are absolutely immersed and infused with all it has to offer; the good bad and ugly.

So…anyone want to just watch that doggo video again?


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