Back to School 2021: Gavin 8th & CJ 5th

Thursday, September 9th 2021

It’s finally happened! Our first “Back to School” day in TWO YEARS.

Walking and biking to new (old) school buildings in our neighborhood; no more yellow school bus for us. (Childhood neighbor and friend on left.)



And in the next town over my sister’s got TRIPLE Back-to-School action going on:

Rowan, Mary & Miles respectively; WOW


Now… to recover from that whirlwind Summer.

And face the whirlwind Fall fast approaching…


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1 Response to Back to School 2021: Gavin 8th & CJ 5th

  1. B Wow says:

    Love it. Please also text to me so I can have printed. Love the braids, didn’t realize her hair was that long again. I can’t tell from the picture what the stylist did to Gavin.

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