Missed the Bus

Monday, September 21st 2015

How to awake this piece of confection from her angelic slumber in my bed?  I mean seriously:

Naught to do but snuggle it.

Naught to do but snuggle it


Then while dressing, we hit a fashion snafu:

2015-09-21 06.58.45-1

A One-Footed Cute Monster


Somehow we all spill out to the bus stop, where Gavin attempts to extract some basketball skills from his Daddy:

Basketball Bus Stop

Basketball Bus Stop


After some time it dons on us the bus isn’t coming –because we missed it– so Daddy gets the car:

ClaraJane signs "I Love You"

ClaraJane signs “I Love You”


They’re off, and I go back to my pre-caffeinated, post-apocalyptic stupor, and perhaps  start finally taking off the makeup from my “weekend” of work.

Sacred in the Mundane, y’all!


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1 Response to Missed the Bus

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Well, I certainly would not have wanted to be required to go to school after our epic Tunbridge weekend!

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