Tunbridge Fair 2015

Friday-Sunday, September 18th-20st 2015

In honor of Miles’ & Bubble Wow’s birthdays, the family trekked up to one of our old favorite haunts in Vermont: The Tunbridge WORLD’S Fair.  I stayed back to grind away at work but came along in spirit.

First up, loading up the cars.  Mary’s prepared to drive:

2015-09-19 08.51.53-1

Speed Racer Game Face


Baba/Bubble Wow is all too happy to ride shotgun on this one:

2015-09-19 08.52.00-1

“Buckle Up Grandma!”


Then, stopping for snacks:

Sugar Babes

Sugar Babes


At last, Tunbridge Fair!  *Just* in time for… the CALVALCADE OF ANIMALS!!!


What we call, “Exiting”

(Note: Nothing like this.)

That endless moment where you wait to cross the track while they pridefully display every last cow, sheep, goat, dog, horse, chicken and rooster at a slow clop… when all your kids really want to do is GET TO THE RIDES AND GAMES!    Here is Gavin pressed up against the fence so close to the Midway he can taste it:


2015-09-19 19.36.59

SO close, but SO far… wait!  Is that a HEREFORD?!


Paul reported that the last 4-H troop to plod by did generously cap the whole shebang with a delightful flourish of walking their animals in a little circle at the end.  Nothing like the pirouette of a cow to slake you with a deep, deep feeling of satisfaction.   Or as the child would say, “Phew it’s finally over can we GO NOW?”

And the answer is… not YET.  Because of course, having paraded all the animals from the barns out onto the grounds… they now have to go BACK.  Bonus:  You get to see them all go by TWICE.

Once they opened those gates the boys disappeared in a  blur.  First up, GAMES.  Paul described a protracted interchange between Miles –meticulously doling out $1 bills for a game– and the running commentary of the comical game operator lady sporting pronounced carney bosoms.  (Note: Nothing like these.)

Next; RIDES.  Here are Amanda, Gavin & Miles barreling down a big slide while apparently riding a burlap sac.

2015-09-19 14.41.51



Followed in hot pursuit by ClaraJane faithfully holding her Daddy’s hand:

2015-09-19 14.46.08

Don’t let go Daddy


Later Aunt Amanda captured some Cute Fuzzy Baby Animal Time:

2015-09-21 19.40.05

Baby Girl Chick with Actual Baby Chicks


2015-09-21 19.40.47

“Feed Corn” Sand Box; seriously how awesome is that


2015-09-21 19.43.08

Baby Mary & Baby Bunny


Q:  What’s cuter than a baby lop?

2015-09-21 19.45.08

A: A pile of baby lops.  (Duh!)


2015-09-21 19.45.56

James, Mary & Tiny Horse


After such an “exiting” time, it’s literally exiting time.  Nothing like grilled corn and a portion of Bacon-on-a-Stick to get you back to the car.  This weekend’s adventure also promised a hotel with HEATED POOL, much anticipated by Boys and evidently enjoyed by:


Bathing Beauty Girls


After a rough night’s sleep and refreshing morning swim, it’s off to the much anticipated MONTSHIRE MUSEUM of Vermont.  My Mom has always raved about it, and Hubby reports that it rivals my beloved Providence Children’s Museum of Rhode Island.  PLUS it sports an expansive outdoor play area (reminiscent of DeCordova sculpture park in MA).

Wanna go play, Honey?

Wanna go play, Honey?


There ya go:

There ya go, Kids

Montshire’s Garden


Gavin and Miles drop gravel into the Musical Rock Boxes:

Musical Rock Boxes

Rock Box Rockers


While Orla and ClaraJane whoop it up on the Musical Fence:

Hit it, Ladies

Hit it, Ladies


It’s a serious rule that before we do anything in this family, we do PICNIC; this one made possible by King Arthur’s Flour near Montshire in Norwich VT.


Paul, James’ Mom Dell, Bubble Wow, Baby Mary & Dell’s Sister CKathy


Meanwhile, that ubiquitous moment Gavin is takin’ it easy while Miles waits and wonders, “When will you get up and PLAY!?”




Finally, a successful ride home to tell Mommy all about it, and Voila.  There you have my Vicarious Weekend adventure in Vermont (as conveyed from right here in my bed a couple days later in Massachusetts).

Or as my mom put it in her text:

Everything Devine. Wish u were here. Much love


Love you each so mush.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

PS:  For even more gripping anecdotes, see Bubble Wow’s retelling in the comments below!


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2 Responses to Tunbridge Fair 2015

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Now that’s talent! To recreate the event without benefit of Being There! Fantastic job! So happy Paul and Amanda snapped a few critical pics.
    PIcture this: Baby Mary in “snuggly” carrier, facing Amanda. Like a third-world baby, she sipped at the breast from time to time from her upright position. But she was hungry and ready for a dose of Real Food. Mommy had a roasted ear of corn on a stick, lowered it from her mouth to Mary’s at Mary’s insistence, and Mary enthusiastically sucked and gummed the corn and nibbled it with her two new teethlets…causing several passersby to burst into laughter and one took a picture — wish we had that one!
    In the games the boys won more cheap toys than they could carry, and ClaraJane won a tiny whale she named “Splashy.”
    The boys talked me into funding a game that wasn’t in my line of sight. They played and won, Gavin delightedly telling Miles “She’s going to regret this!” as they collected their prizes and returned to mischievously display them to me — semiautomatic assault weapons, inflatable versions.
    The boys rode the fastest, most thrilling carnival ride they could find in the kiddie-ride section; fortunately for MY cardiac health, the “adult” rides looked so absolutely terrifying even the intrepid Dynamic Duo stared, dumbstruck, and did not ask to get on them.
    For the kids, the hotel was as exciting as the Fair and the Museum. You can jump on the beds!! Eat Fruit Loops! There’s a swimming pool!
    At the pool, which was indoors and delightfully warm, the boys fearlessly jumped in the deep end and both handled themselves very well in the 8-foot depth. Gavin knows how to turn on his back and float with backstrokes. Miles has a version of the breaststroke/crawl/dogpaddle, and both were utterly fearless, though I was prepared to jump in clothes and all if necessary. ClaraJane in was a vision in her bikini and was great about staying in the shallow end. Afterward, Paul “blew out” ClaraJane’s hair so it cascaded down her back. Supermodel!
    At the self-serve breakfast, the kids immediately zeroed in on the self-serve Fruit Loops, but eventually, Amanda reported, ClaraJane ate two eggs.
    In the car we all played Travel Bingo, and when somebody Bingo-ed we just kept playing till the cards were all filled up. Bird on a Wire! Smokestack! Cow! Dog! School! Truck! RV in tow! Motorcycle! Airplane! Paul, driving, had a very sharp eye and I circled the items for him; Miles made a rule that Paul and I couldn’t both play on one card, anything I saw didn’t count, otherwise it would be a “team” on our card while the kids all played individually. Och, seven years old, they know everything. Well, eight.
    Fair food! We ate BBQ ribs, roasted corn on the cob, corn dogs, fried dough, pizza, and Bacon-on-a-Stick! Car food! We ate Paul’s fried chicken! Roadie food: Hamburgers and fries at a fake roadside diner; they were good but Gavin and ClaraJane were almost too tired to eat.
    After a birthday weekend, there’s always Monday. Over hamburgers at the rest-stop faux diner, Miles said, “Oh, I hate to go back to school tomorrow.” I said, “Well, but you have to, learning is your job.” The boys agreed writing is the hardest part. They both said math was really hard too, therefore unlikable, and Miles said “But, Gavin, you’re good at math, you always get the answers!” I said “usually when people are good at something they like doing it.” Gavin said, nevertheless, he didn’t. I said, “I wasn’t good at math and didn’t like it.” Miles said, “But, Baba, whenever I ask you a math question you always have the answer!” I said, “That’s because I worked hard at it even though I didn’t enjoy it!” But of course the real reason is that, yes, I can do second-grade arithmetic; just don’t ask me about calculus.
    Everything divine. Wish u were here.

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