AT RISE: Why Me Cold

Monday, March 29th 2021


AT RISE: It’s morning in the distance learning homeschool. Mom is crossing the room from the kitchen when Boy stands up from his desk.

BOY: Haha, I just figured out why I’m cold. [Heads towards bedroom.] I was wondering then I realized I’m not wearing a jacket or anything. [Crosses in front of mom.]

MOM: [Quickly yanks down his pants.] Or pants!

BOY: What! [Cracks up.] YOU!! [Pulls up pants.]

MOM: Haha! Your mom isn’t boring! [Mocking voice.] Waaah! Poor baby!

BOY: Dammit! You know what? [Pause… thinking of the most insulting thing to say.] Go make me a sandwich!

MOM: Haha, that’s fair. Lemme guess; a toasted open face bagel with cream cheese and capers.

BOY: Yes, actually!

MOM: Fine!

BOY: Fine!


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