AT RISE: Peter Parkour is Breathing Funny

Sunday, March 28th 2021

Bed Cat Hat


AT RISE: It’s late night. Mom and Dad are vegging on the couch. Youngest child slowly appears in the room.

MOM & DAD: [Turn heads to look at her.]

CJ: Um! Uh… well. Um, Peter Parker was curled up on my pillow. You know; being my hat?

MOM & DAD: [Chuckle, nod.]

CJ: And… well, he’s breathing funny. It sounds like… It sounds like he’s got a piece of mucous stuck in his throat or something!

MOM: OK thanks honey [getting up]. I’ll come take a listen. [Follows girl into her bedroom.]

MOM & CJ: [Arrive at girl’s bed to find cat still curled up on pillow, but awake and looking up at them curiously.]

CJ: Well, he’s not doing it now. But he was doing it before when he was asleep!

MOM: Oh! [Stifling laughter.]. Oh honey. [Starting to chortle.]. He… he was just snoring!

CJ and MOM: [Bust out laughing. Keep laughing. Start hugging each other laughing.]

MOM: But that was so sweet of you to be concerned!

MOM & CJ: [Look at cat together. Laugh.]

CAT: [Looks back at them, alarmed.]

MOM & CJ: [Laugh at themselves laughing at cat. Laugh some more…]



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