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Parenting: Blam Blam Pang Pow!

Monday, February 12, 2018 – continued Him: “This is so old school and original, I love it!” Me:  Booyah baby!   After school Gavin put in a good effort trying to stay mad at me.  But bless him, he couldn’t.  I … Continue reading

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Meta Mini Meow Meow

October 13th 2017 aka: Watching ‘The Lion in Your Living Room’ WITH the Lion in YOUR Living Room who is also watching ‘The Lion in Your Living Room’: Any questions, just say: “I mustache you a question!” That is all. … Continue reading

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Real Mature Morning with ClaraJane

Tuesday, May 3rd 2016 This morning when ClaraJane wakes up next to me I *happen* to be looking at something stupidly funny on my Facebook feed.  I show it to her saying, “We totally have to do this.” “Yeah,” she … Continue reading

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How Many Animals

January 2016   OK the point of this video is not to brag about our animals but to share the absurdity of how many we have *in a city condo*… not to mention in my arms all at once. Squee! … Continue reading

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Darth Snowflake

December 2015 Re-introducing our new kitten… DARTH SNOWFLAKE.  Yep,  final answer,  that’s his name (and she’s a boy).     Having moved from Rolling Acres Farm in Ohio to the CircusKitchen condo in Cambridge, we were so lucky Auntie Liz … Continue reading

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A Blogger’s Dream

Tuesday, October 20th 2015 Wait. Let me tell you how disgusting and spoiled I am.  Here I am, lying in my filth, doing my favorite thing in the world (blogging, aka: electronic scrap-booking), when Dear Hubsand casually comes in and … Continue reading

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Alien Nerds

Friday, October 16th 2015 In the car on the way to our friends’ house for dinner, the kids are busy in the back.  Here is Gavin’s “Alien Nerd:”   See it’s huge brain?   It’s so big it’s bulging out … Continue reading

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