A Blogger’s Dream

Tuesday, October 20th 2015

Wait. Let me tell you how disgusting and spoiled I am.  Here I am, lying in my filth, doing my favorite thing in the world (blogging, aka: electronic scrap-booking), when Dear Hubsand casually comes in and silently plops this on me:

No words.

No words.


Look, even the cat is excited.  Now let me tell you what is in that bowl:

  •  Leftover onion soup he home-made a couple days ago (by slowly sautéing finely sliced onions for a loooong time, ok?);
  • rustic fried potato wedges he apparently just whipped up from leftover potatoes;
  • a perfectly poached egg (y’know; yolk kinda firm, kinda  runny);
  • gently melted slices of muenster cheese (one of my favorites);
  • fresh cracked pepper.

And now that I’ve wolfed my way through most of it, I see the genius in the:

  • gently crisped wheat toast gingerly placed on the top… to soak up the slurry of goodness you get at the bottom, of course.
Gentleness, Kindness and Genius in a Bowl

Gentleness, Kindness, Patience, Finesse, Pinache and Genius in a Bowl


He even brought my favorite spoon.

AND coffee.  (WITH free refills.)

Holy Crap.  Not to jinx it (knock knock on wood), but there’s a possibility in the near future he could acquire full-time gainful employment where he cooks for all these OTHER people.  No fair!  We have an arrangement; *I* bring home the bacon and feign fatigue then *he* fries it up in a pan and serves it to me.

As I told my friend Dominique the other day; “He does the food, I do the words.”

Now just to finish fully throwing myself under the bus (heavens knows why), you’ll never believe this; he also does LAUNDRY.  Not just “laundry.”  THE Laundry.  No, you don’t get it; he does T-H-E-L-A-U-N-D-R-Y.  Dammit.

Here he is asking me if I *need* anything more before he goes down to switch the next load:

"Bacon" gives him a lardon.

“Bacon” gives him a lardon.


Look Babe, never mind the new job.  Can we just stay “poor?”


Well, I may not be worthy, ManMeat, but I love you.

You’re the Tops  (and I’m not just saying that ‘cuz you’re 6’9″).


PS:  Thanks for breakfast!!!

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  1. Um… I want to hit the “share” button instead of the “like” button. Please see him my way! 😉 XO

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