Jacket Chick

Monday, October 19th 2015

When our friends handed down some clothes over the weekend, the haul included a (hard earned but outgrown) leather jacket for ClaraJane.  Ambivalent though I may be about leather, it fit her perfectly.  I thought it might go perfectly as an outer layer to her “Warrior” costume for Halloween, but apparently CJ is not waiting that long.  That is how she ended up at the park looking like this:




Apparently the universal law is understood that with a leather jacket comes sunglasses, as evidenced when Daddy puts the “Papa” in Paparazzi:

Come on Daddy

Come on Daddy



I'm talking to YOU.

That means YOU, Pop


These were no mere weekend shenanigans mind you.  Here she is waiting for the bus this morning, chewing on a donut (I know, great nutritional choice.  Go ahead, ask if she cares):

You Wanna Piece o' Me Donut?

You Wanna Piece o’ Me (Donut)?


Tempting as it is to insert cop joke here, I love and appreciate them too much to stoop so low, so I’ll *suggest* it instead, leave it here and imagine the effect she’s having walking through the hallways at school today.

Not earning any nominations in the PC realm today, I know.  I’ll settle for comedy and…  twitterpation.





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3 Responses to Jacket Chick

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Michelle Pfeifer in Grease?
    Anyway, leather is, indubitably, very warm.

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Not many years hence, some young male person is going to get royally twitterpated by Your Daughter. Good luck!!!

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