Family Values

Sunday, October 18, 2015

In our entire marriage until now, the only value that Paul and I have managed to establish as a a hard and fast rule in our flamly goes like this:


          1) Fart,  don’t shart. 


We do

It’s true, we do.



Should there be any lack of clarity on this point, allow me to gently refer you, dear reader, to a previous post on the subject

Then amidst the boisterous hilarity and child-driven flamly exuberance in the Big Bed this weekend, we finally alighted on a SECOND rule for the flamly creed:

          2) Hop on Pop, not Dad’s Nads.


An important distinction the Dear Doctor may not have mentioned, but definitely seems to portray in his cover illustration of this important piece of literature:

But not Dad's 'Nads

Just NOT Dad’s Nads


That’s pretty much all we got so far.

Although I do humbly posit that we also practice RESTORATIVE JUSTICE all OVER the place. (Who commits more moral atrocities upon each other each day than *family*?) But until we find a ridiculous way to inscribe it in our creed, I suppose it shall remain unwritten.

Besides, we’ve created our own way to certify something as true.  I’ve been told that in India, if someone says something and it rains, then it must be true.  In our family, if a suggestion is made and someone farts, then it’s settled.  Truth!

It’s a very simple and effective decision making tool.  You should try it sometime!

Just don’t *shart.

*(Refer to CircusKitchen Flamly Creed #1, above.)

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1 Response to Family Values

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    You guys are having way too much fun! Stop it at once! At once, I say!

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