Silly Billy, Dominique & Big Boy Miles

Saturday,  October 17th 2015 (Afore & Beyond)

Now that our friends’ son has moved near us from NYC, we get to see them more often.  Today’s pleasure happened upon my return from work.  Here is a smattering of images from this and last time together,  incomplete yet with the promise of more to come.

First up,  brunch in September:


Food c/o me Hubsand of course:


Viking Style:




Not to be missed,  Billy’s Super Slo-Mo Video of the Bunnies + Parsley:


And tonight,


There was a lot of freezing of grownups tonight.  Also a lot of costume changes, including Halloween Warrior Girl and:


Regrettably I failed to snag any image of my girlfriend Goddess Dominique.

Next time for sure, I insist!  ♡

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