Parenting: Blam Blam Pang Pow!

Monday, February 12, 2018 – continued

2018-02-12 15.37.24-1.jpg

Him: “This is so old school and original, I love it!”

Me:  Booyah baby!


After school Gavin put in a good effort trying to stay mad at me.  But bless him, he couldn’t.  I teased him a little on failing to stay mad at me, we had a good laugh, and I told him how proud I am of him.

Because of his cousins’ birthday, we were picking up some party items at the dollar store.  Soon he found a toy and said, “I know this is violent but I was wondering if we could get it?”  It was an old fashioned CAP GUN.  Hell yes.

From what I understand, ACTUAL old fashioned toy gun play is healthy, normal and not desensitizing to violence.  It is all still within the realm of the child’s own imagination.  I reminded him how proud I am of his great attitude today and laid down the whopping $2.10 for both the gun AND ammo.


Whoo boy!  Imagine his surprise and thrill when he shot it off at home and it actually goes BLAM!  A little smoke came out and it really smells of gunpowder.  Real combustion!  This is living.

And, no, I never thought I’d be so happy to see my Boy play with a toy gun.

2018-02-08 Boy + Cap Gun = Instant Imagination! [44 seconds]

(Gavin’s Disclaimer:  Gavin was completely pretending in this film and does not actually speak like dat)


And since that time he has been playing a REAL game with his friends (and even chose “Spot It,” one of the identification games recommended by Harvard to foster inhibitory control, lol, don’t tell him).   He also made sure to share and evaluate the new progress rubric he and his teacher developed to keep us parents in the loop around his work in school.

He has also done some of the school work he needs to catch up on (a report on Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman, if you can believe that), and is now playing ball with friends.

Please excuse my reveling in the wonderful wonderment that is Wonderful Boy!


2018-02-12 17.26.52.jpg

Gavin’s School Accountability Rubric


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