Mom I Was Thinking

GAVIN (at the dinner table, eyeing his sister): Mom?  I was thinking.  We should have only ONE kid in this flamly.  And it should be ME.

(Paul and I look at each other.)

GAVIN (continues):  Eeny miny MOE!
Catch a tiger by the TOE!
My-mother-told-me-to-pick-the-best-choice-and-it… is…ME!

(Paul and I grip each other doubled over trying to suppress our laughter.)


(More of the same from us.)


(Fat chance Buddy!)


UPDATE FTR:  When his sister crawled over on top of him to maul him with good morning hugs and kisses the next morning, he laughed and said, “I changed my mind!  We should keep two kids in this flamly!”

That’s nice, Buddy.   (o:

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1 Response to Mom I Was Thinking

  1. Mary Margaret says:

    Gavin asked me today: “Who is your BEST grandson?” He named my grandsons: himself, Miles, Sanjay, and Arjun.

    I said, well, Sanjay is my favorite redhaired grandson. Arjun is my favorite dark-haired grandson. Miles is my favorite September grandson. Gavin is my favorite May 1 grandson. And ClaraJane is my favorite granddaughter.

    Guess he’s trying to figure out whether, if he’s not the ONE, the ONLY, the KING — is he still good? There’s nothing like going to school to make you feel like one of a pack.

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