CJ’s Ma-Ma-Ma

Finally, this morning, after 13 months and 100,000 “Da da da da da’s” ClaraJane woke up saying, “Lololololol” sprinkled with a few “Ma ma ma ma ma’s.”   I was like, “THAT’S RIGHT!  THAT’S ME!!  Yep, I’m your Mamamamama.  How ya doin?  Nice to meet you!!!”

So, in honor of this new breakthrough in our relationship, (also as an antidote to the Hell-On-Earth existence entailed in MOVING), and as a tribute to what my mom describes as “indeed the world’s most charming and engaging baby, not to mention having the bluest eyes, cutest curls, sweetest smile, and loving personality,” here are a smattering of recent pix (all from our recent trip to VT actually):

Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma & Me

So Many Shoes, So Little Time

Mom & Chocolate Cake; A Winning Combination (Also: Is there anything cuter than baby thighs?)

Drinks with the Girls

Asleep and Just Don’t Know It Yet

I know I just posted a bunch of pix of her, like, yesterday.

But some things bear repeating.

And some things bear repeating!

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2 Responses to CJ’s Ma-Ma-Ma

  1. Mary Margaret says:

    Dear MaMaMaMaMa:

    If somebody created a “ClaraJane Doll” they’d make a million dollars. Because some babies bear repeating. Bear repeating.

    Oh, and Watch Out, Hollywood! Of 2030.

  2. Thanks Mom. Thanks Mom! =oD

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