What Parenthood Sometimes Looks Like

So, it’s pretty much a given that your kids have more energy than you. It’s amazing that  parents even survive. Such a humbling experience. You learn to embrace the mediocre, accept total failure, and celebrate Victory in “Good Enough.”  Especially if you happen to discover at any moment that your kids are FINE; give yourself a high-five,  say a *silent* “Woo-Hoo!” then slowly back away.

Here are some examples:

My son engrossed in TV on my unconscious husband

My daughter contentedly playing in the UnGodly mess of my office floor… ON THE PAPER CUTTER.  

Really, the only problem with this program, as bad as it is, is how distractingly cute she is that I have to blog about it!

Then there are the things they SAY.  Here is a recent sampling from Gavin:

1)  After finding out that Paul & I each have more than one mom; “I’m MAD!  Because I only got ONE mom!”

2)  After I told him I still need to get dressed; “Not ME!  I’M dressed already.  YOU should have slept in your CLOTHES!”


3) After fixing his fishing pole; “THANKS MOM! You’re the BEST MOM EVER!  You’re NOT STUPID anymore!  You’re not stupid, or bad OR dumb!”

Thanks Honey.


PS:  And here, as a follow up, is a shot of my “Office in Purgatory,” for all of you doubters.

Somebody Help Me Please!

In spite of this it’s good indeed to know at least, I’m not stupid “anymore!”

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