Moving Life in Purgatory

So, we are MOVING.

Just across town.

‘Course, that still means just as much packing & prepping, shedding & compressing one’s material life as any other move.  Coincidentally, MOM is ALSO moving.  Back to Cambridge happily.  Yet that means also packing & prepping, shedding & compressing HER existence for transport as well.

Per usual I have so much to blog about and so little time.  Such wonderful gems from flamly visit to Hull this past weekend, and Vermont this past week (including to pack aforementioned Mom).  Yet I am too busy packing & prepping, shedding & compressing our lives, and being worker bee, queen bee and Paperwork Ninja for CONDO purchase (!!!) and kids’ schooling (!!!). My poor clients never get contracts from me when I promise.  And although the shows continue successfully unabated, please don’t look too closely at my costuming or props!

Alors (“anyway”)… in lieu of my own material, here is some fresh borrowed from Mom. Indeed, pretty much sums it up:

From: Mary Margaret                   To:  Jenny                10:47 AM (1 hour ago)      

This is my life in purgatory, encapsulated in one incident:

The purchaser of my washer/dryer was all set to send me a $50 money order on deposit and $50 cash on pickup Thursday Aug 30 so I could hold the machines for her and stop responding to other interested parties.

Then her boyfriend convinced her she was “too trusting” so they wanted a picture.  I hadn’t put a photo on CL because my camera batt was dead.  I had finally obtained a new camera battery by mail and was using the camera while you were here.  Her request for a picture was reasonable.  So yesterday I went into my purse for my camera and it wasn’t there.  Found it at last in a pocket of the snack bag I’d taken to Montshire.  Took the picture.  Then couldn’t find the cable that links camera to computer.  Remembered coiling it and putting it in a “safe place.”  Couldn’t find the safe place.  Through other means and an hour of time I convinced the buyer I am not a scam artist and she agreed to send the money.  Yesterday evening I found the camera/computer cord.  Now I can’t find the camera.

Packing Up This Essential

And This One

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4 Responses to Moving Life in Purgatory

  1. Mary Margaret says:


    Woe is us.

    It’s so bad it’s funny. But it IS bad. And also funny.

    Love the Gavin pic. Oops! Do you know where the baby is? Did you put her in a “safe place”?

  2. Mary Margaret says:

    Also, blotto, blew the doctor’s appt of yesterday morning intended to assure I didn’t run out of meds in the transition.

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