Ready to Roll

Friday, August 10th 2012


Friday morning my DH (Dear Husband) -with the help of our two kids- put this GIANT rack on the front of my bike, so I could take both the KIDS and their STUFF and MY stuff to their designated places for the day all by BIKE.  Once we were loaded up and starting to ride, he calls out, “Your front tire could use some inflation!”

“Oh GREAT!” I said, wobbling my way down the street.

I’ve heard you should do something every day that scares you.  I don’t know about *every* day, but on this day I certainly scared the crap out of myself at least a little.  Fortunately most cars and other traffic participants mostly stopped to gawk as we pedaled our way by, my son shouting, “How are you FEELING Mamma?”  To top it off we were also waggling a huge home-grown sunflower in front.  By the time we got to the boy’s  school my hands were a cramped from all my white knuckling on the handlebars, but no harm no foul.  The ride to my daughter’s daycare was aided by her singing while munching on a muffin, and we arrived without incident.  After that I got a lot of comments from the guys at the bike shop, who kindly helped inflate my tires.  Then I bought a really loud bell, just in case there might be anyone in future who doesn’t actually SEE us coming.

Here they are ready and loaded after swim that evening.   (YES! Kids + regular stuff + SWIM stuff all on one bike. )

Ready to Roll, Mamma


We actually trash picked the rack, from some Dutch neighbors (go figure).  Gavin’s “come-along” attachment was kindly donated by our relatives (thanks Boharts!).  My BIKE is the same one I bought used for $200 during my junior year of college (was that really *20* years ago?).  ClaraJane’s seat we bought for Gavin about 3 years ago.   Top this yard sale off with a shiny new $15 bell and you’ve got yourself a bonafide Bicycle Train!

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2 Responses to Ready to Roll

  1. Kathy Ziegler says:

    Cute story. Everyone looks very happy.


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