Atlanta Juggling Festival: Flamily Meets Tribe

Friday, January 25th 2019


On this day I flew the flam to Atlanta for the incomparable Groundhog Juggling Festival Adventure.  And finally, here is the video.  Seven big fat minutes, but oh, what a time it was!

2019-01-28 GROUNDHOG JUGGLING FESTIVAL 2019 [7:02]:



Photo Highlights:


Gavin immediately immerses himself in spinning a propeller for these these two priceless little boys breathless with excitement (!!!).



ClaraJane immediately gets pulled into a modeling for a photographer. 



They asked *me* to emcee!!



ClaraJane and Gavin “helped!”



Mommy & Gavin retrieving a prop someone lost in the chandelier (with double stack + animal balloon)  (o: 




















Ah so many memories.  Can hardly wait to go back again next year!


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1 Response to Atlanta Juggling Festival: Flamily Meets Tribe

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Wow! What an experience! Love your twirly rolly girl and hula juggling boy! Also Ms. Emcee and Dada on tiny bike! Whew!

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