Hospital Clowning: Good Night Lights

Thursday, January 31st 2019

As I head to HASBRO Children’s Hospital in Providence RI today, I wanted to share this piece about a most wonderful tradition there.  See!

How The City Of Providence Comforts Sick Children [2:03]: 


More about this wonderful artist (colleague and friend) here:

Steve Brosnihan; cartoon; artist; cartoonist

On a side note, I wholly recommend his DIY Illustration book which teaches you how to draw in a fun and easy way.  He calls it CARTOONAGRAMS and is available here!

del cartoonagrams

If you can write the alphabet, you can draw cartoons!


Fun Fact:  When we encounter a patient in the hospital who seems like they would enjoy an Art Therapy visit from Steve, we call it “Code Plaid.”  And when he encounters one who seems ripe for clowns, he calls it “Code Paisley.”  (o; 


Thank goodness for people in the world like Steve Brosnihan.




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2 Responses to Hospital Clowning: Good Night Lights

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Really cool. What a good idea.

  2. Indeed! And I had the pleasure of seeing him at the Hasbro Providence Hospital just yesterday no less. (o:

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