At Rise: One Roller Skate, Unstuck

Thursday, January 24th 2019

delete one roller skate.jpg


AT RISE:  Packing for the juggling festival weekend, ClaraJane is cruising around on one roller skate.

ClaraJane:  Mamma?  Can you help me find my other roller skate?

Mom:  Yes honey.  I know where it is, remember?  I’m waiting for us to have a conversation.  [Sits with outstretched arms.]

ClaraJane:  [Droops shoulders, rolls over to mom and sits on lap.]

Mom:  So let’s see.  When’s the last time we saw it?

CJ:  I was chucking it.

Mom:  That’s right.  So that’s why I didn’t know if you wanted it anymore and put it in the donation bag for now.

CJ:  [Eyes fly wide open in fear.]

Mom:  Don’t worry, I won’t give it away.  And remember we all make mistakes,  I’m just waiting for you to clean up that mistake.

CJ:  [Exhales.]  OK Mom.  You know how sometimes I get in that mood? And I forget to think?  The one where I forget the top of the triangle* and kind of have a tantrum?

Mom:  Yes honey, we all do sometimes.

CJ:  Well that’s what happened and I’ll do my best not to do it again and I hope you can forgive me.

Mom:  Of course sweetheart.  Listen, I ‘been tantruming my whole life.  I’m still learning the top of my traingle!

CJ:  [Laughs.]

Mom:  Now frankly, I will expect more of you going forward, because you have parents who have actually heard of Social-Emotional learning, and believe in the mental and emotional life of a child.  Speaking of which, I think we had a strategy for this.  Didn’t we make some Unstuck Cards?  Do you have those?   Last I saw they were on your clipboard.

CJ:  They were but they’re not anymore.  I don’t know where they are.

Mom:  Well do you want to make some more?



CJ’S UN Stuk cards  


10 deep breths

C + ? = C? ? comade (comedy)


2 min of mindfulnis

T (brief time out for both)

Snaglg aN aNamal (snuggle an animal)

freshari (fresh air) 



delete roller skate.jpeg







CJ:  [Gasps]  Thank you Mommy!!

Both:  [Hug.]


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