Parenting: Unstuck Cards

October 2nd 2018

Emotional Rescue Strategies


So that didn’t take long; only 4 months.  Pshah.

Today ClaraJane and I finally made her “Unstuck Cards,” as divined in the June 13th post titled “Parenting: Getting Unstuck.”

I enlisted her help, so she could choose who did the writing (me) and which strategies to choose (see above, including some blank for possibility) and what color they should be written on.  In fact, we’ve since added “Play on an instrument.”

There are a lot of things to update on our inestimable Girl (therapy, going “Sunny to Rainy,” strategies, classroom behavior and work, “First-Then” chart, and more).  But for now this is my update.


“Unstuck Cards” in plain view, attached to her designated clipboard.


We’ll see how it goes!


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