CircusKitchen Holiday Order Form?

October 2nd 2018

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Is this idea crazy?  I’ve been thinking of it for a while.  In advance of Winter Holidays this year I basically want to send my family members an ORDER FORM to request what they’d like me to make them for Christmas.

I don’t mean to impose my values on everyone, but I prefer EXPERIENCES, MEMORIES, HAND-MADE and/or CONSUMABLE items as gifts.  If there’s one thing we have too much of in our (western, “developed,” american) culture it’s… everything.

To that end, here is the list I’m thinking of.  What do you think??



1.  FIRE CIDER by Jenny & ClaraJane  (A vial of hot-as-hell health elixir drink to kick a cold and boost your immunity)

2.  BREAD KIT (easy to make, ready to bake all included homemade kit for delicious, fresh oven bread)

3.  MOOD LAMP (white or multicolor pixie lights in a bottle for reading or mood lighting)

4.  INSPIRATION NECKLACE (with name, quote or phrase of your choosing)

5.  ART by Gavin (Your name or word of choice commissioned and custom made by Gavin)

6.  A Real Live DATE in the coming year, with yours truly, where I either bring the bunnies by to visit, take you out for coffee, lunch or something else of your choosing!

7.  A SONG:  I learn and perform for you the song of your choosing, at some time we schedule in the coming year.

8.    Finished VIDEO of a past shared experience by Yours Truly!

Or 9. (For my sisters):  A PLUMPRINT Starter Kit (send in your kids’ artwork in a specialized postage paid box and you get back a beautiful bound book, including a digital copy as well.)

#Srsly #WhatDoYouThink??? 

(And if you ARE in my family, please feel free to enter your “order” in the comments below!)

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1 Response to CircusKitchen Holiday Order Form?

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Need art by Gavin and I loved your beer bread. I’d be happy with dates in Jan-Feb for more organizer extravaganza.

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