CircusKitchen in the Sky

Friday, January 25th 2019

del circuskitchen in the sky.jpg

OMG I am on internet in the sky.  As if the very miracle of flight weren’t enough already, I am now also ONLINE and blogging IN REAL TIME.  I know this has been a thing for a while, but this is still my first time experiencing it.

So, CircusKitchen travels, Boston to Atlanta style.  Of course the first ten feet are the hardest.  Then:

  1.  Who knew the kids are still young enough to use the airport play area (even if only to watch cartoons…) !
  2. We find the time and space for a decent, lovely and dignified meal (whew).
  3.  I channel my dad and place my discarded pop socket on my forehead, as I know he would.
  4. STICKY NOTES MAKE GREAT SCREEN COVERS ON JETBLUE,  so Cheerdlen can first focus on school work, both;
  5. Mom generated homework
  6. Teacher assigned homework

2019-01-25 flight collage


And we DIY our own MAD MOM LIB.

del 2019-01-25 mom libs

Self-styled Mad Lib.

Not bad for our first time, by special request from CJ who is learning sentence structures in school.

Humbly very proud of my little traveling scholars!

And that concludes my first ever Blog Post in real time from the Sky.


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1 Response to CircusKitchen in the Sky

  1. Louis B. Oberhauser says:

    Cool have a good time… love

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