It’s a Attitude

Wednesday,  April 20th 2016

On the road to Maine for a quick little family getaway -or “Vacay!” as ClaraJane calls it- she announces the imperative proclamation of any child in her predicament;  “I’m BORED.”

“OK darling,” I say, being one who does not believe in boredom in any way whatsoever, “Congratulations.”

“WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?!” she demands.

“Well because it’s a privilege,” I explain.  “It means you’re having s pretty good life, without any problems.  Everyone is safe, no one is sick or getting hurt,  there’s no bombs dropping on our house or school, or anything. And you’ve got TIME, which is the greatest gift. It’s like an empty cup,  FULL of possibility!”

“It’s NOT a privilege!” she says,  and then shouts, “It’s A… ATTITUDE!!”

So now being that we are in complete agreement at this point, the dispute is basically over.  One is placated by the mere acknowledgement, and then also figures out what to do with said “Attitude.”

Aka; get in the last word.

Aka; Lo, what have we here?


Image: Girl sleeping on box of bunnies with personalized “Activity Kit” on lap.

Problem solved. ♡

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1 Response to It’s a Attitude

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Yes, catching up on S-L-E-E-P is a great remedy for “boredom.” Of course, ClaraJane’s too young to understand SLEEP as a privilege, a delicacy, and elusive, precious item greatly to be desired, prized, cherished.

    The photo also suggests that, once she learns to read, perhaps CJ can avoid boredom, as her brother does.

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