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Love Unconditional

September 15th 2016 Here we have my daughter  –unapologetic bandaid on her face from the last time kitten scratched her–  demonstrating her unstoppable love. 2016-09-15 Love Unconditional [47 seconds]:     Kitten does have a name for what it’s worth; “Darth … Continue reading

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Ambulance of the Future

September 14th 2016   Gavin let me document this drawing of his [see below], about which he says:       So, the two things under it are the thrusters that make it hover.  If you look very closely at … Continue reading

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#NoDAPL Protest at Standing Rock

September 2016   As I write, the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota has been *temporarily* stopped thanks to a late injunction by President (thanks) Obama responding to the amazing demonstrators at Sacred Stone Camp. … Continue reading

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9/11 “Explained” in <5 mins

  9/11: A Conspiracy Theory [4:56]:     “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~ Mark Twain     Ya gotta admit, staging a new Pearl Harbor is one heckuva way to kick off a new war, … Continue reading

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Cambridge Italian Festival 2016

Sunday, September 11th 2016 The nonstop experiences  since mid-summer amount to an embarrassment of riches. Such as this little festival around the corner from our house that occurs every year the first weekend AFTER school starts.  Wholly holy cannoli. Cambridge … Continue reading

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Back to School 2016

September 6th-8th 2016     ClaraJane does not start for two days but all the same she DRAGGED me down the hall (from trying to say hi to other parents etc.) to go see her classroom, where she was naturally … Continue reading

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Seagull Saga

Saturday, September 3rd 2016 A tiny snippet from our Labor Day Weekend camping trip to Southern Rhode Island.* 2016-09-03 Seagull Saga [1:22]:   *With apologies to DaddyLove for practicing upon his defenselessness by sacrificing him at the altar of comedy … Continue reading

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Beach Circus Government

Saturday, September 2nd 2016 Inspired by School House Rock, ClaraJane asked me to help her build a “three ring circus” in the sand, and we conspire to represent the three branches of U.S. Government. For the Judiciary Branch, and visualizing … Continue reading

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Happy (45th) Birthday Manmeat

August 31st, 2016 For my hubsand’s birthday this year, he got to start wrapping up the summer by… going back to work. Afterwards he came home to a (somewhat) clean home which we immediately started littering again with the home … Continue reading

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