Ambulance of the Future

September 14th 2016



Gavin let me document this drawing of his [see below], about which he says:




So, the two things under it are the thrusters that make it hover. 

If you look very closely at the back under the cockpit you can see the thrusters. 

The gun on the side shoots sticky bombs to help it dig tunnels to help it get to people. 

The little things that look like lollipops sticking out of the side gun are bolts that bolt the gun to the ambulance. 

The window is to check on the patients inside. 

The rectangle with a line in it is the door where you have to have a key code and a certain key to get into the door.  

The gun on top is a grappling hook to help it climb.

The two buttons on the steering wheel in the back are the controls to make the side gun or grappling hook shoot. 

The light up front is to help it when it digs dark tunnels with the side gun. 

The material it is made of is light titanium. 

The antennae on the back is to give it wifi; not so they can like play music but so they can talk on the intercom. 

The cockpit is made of bullet proof glass. 

There is another ambulance in the background.  (It’s in the distance so that’s why I drew it smaller and less detailed.)  


Future Ambulance

The inspiration for this drawing apparently came from a friend at school, Naveen.

And that’s all I know.  Don’t ask me, I’m only his mother!

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1 Response to Ambulance of the Future

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    This is brilliant! A well-armed ambulance (because, like, you never know) that acknowledges no obstacles, it just burrows through. I hope there are no more ambulance rides in my future, BUT if there is, I hope it’s in an ambulance like this, with EMTs as good-looking, kind, and strong as Gavin. I think they could sure use something like this in Syria right now…if they could find a hospital to which to deliver the patient.

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