#NoDAPL Protest at Standing Rock

September 2016



As I write, the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, North Dakota has been *temporarily* stopped thanks to a late injunction by President (thanks) Obama responding to the amazing demonstrators at Sacred Stone Camp.

(Click Sacred Stone Camp to help.)

However yesterday (9/13/16), dozens of militarized police showed up pointing assault rifles and arresting about 20 peaceful demonstrators, who are being held in jail RIGHT NOW with no bail.

Meanwhile another pipeline burst over the weekend, has not been capped and has spilled…. gallons of crude oil into the very Missouri River which #noDAPL is trying to stop.


AND, yet a NOTHER pipeline has been approved to start near Minneapolis and plough through some WETLAND PRESERVES.

Here is my attempt to show the conflict.

1)   4 minutes of truth on MSNBC 

Amazing, RARE; Main Stream Media actually reporting truthfully on a contemporary American situation.  With painful eloquence no less.  Thank you Lawrence O’Donnell.

Published on Aug 26, 2016.

The Protests At Standing Rock | The Last Word | MSNBC [4:34]

“Lawrence explains why a protest by Native Americans in North Dakota reminds us of the history American always tries to forget.”


2)  Amy Goodman of DemocracyNOW! reports how North Dakota has issued a WARRANT for her arrest for REPORTING on the pipeline company’s use of pepper spray and attack dogs on demonstrators.

Published September 12th 2016.

North Dakota v. Amy Goodman: Arrest Warrant Issued After Pipeline Coverage [2:58]:



3)  Surprise surprise.  Guess who is the only national leader helping take a stand for these people?   (Hint:  He’s forever my HERO.)

Sanders Protests Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline Outside White House


Here’s also a ground level blogger’s view of yesterday’s protest which brings me to tears in solidarity.   DC No DAPL Rally with Bernie Sanders by BrittWaters.com [3:31]:



4)  Correction:  Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein also joined the demonstrators at Standing Rock, making the bizarre/brilliant choice to spray paint one of the bulldozers, earning her a charge for vandalism, underscoring the astonishing hypocrisy that the pipeline company has not been charged with anything for desecrating sacred Native American burial grounds with those very bulldozers.





5)  Here is a nine minute documentary from Standing Rock, as of 09/03/2016.

Standing Rock Protest Documentary by Levitate Media 3rd September 2016 [9:20]:





6)   Here’s how to help:





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