Beach Circus Government

Saturday, September 2nd 2016

Inspired by School House Rock, ClaraJane asked me to help her build a “three ring circus” in the sand, and we conspire to represent the three branches of U.S. Government.

For the Judiciary Branch, and visualizing the World-as-We-Want-It-To-Be, you can clearly see we included representations of all NINE Supreme Court Justices (a-HEM).

Further visualizing the World-as-We-Want-It-To-Be, the Executive Branch tower is adorned with a LION representing our only choice for  President, our main man BERNIE SANDERS.

Finally the Legislative Branch.  Accepting the world as it is (sigh), the current Republican-dominated do-nothing obstructionist Congress is depicted here as one big ineffective pile (of 535 Senators and Representatives), incapacitated by the stranglehold of moneyed interests and corporate lobbyists, represented here by a giant broken boomerang impaling the whole operation.

There you have it folks. Today’s civics lesson with my five year old, coming to you strait from Blue Shutters Beach by Block Island Sound, on the southern coast of Rhode Island.  With thanks to our Bernie Sanders for inspiring us to become engaged in the first place.

PS:  When brother came along he got in the spirit by hurling little scoops of what we hope will be newly elected Berniecrat Congressmen and women.   Here’s to the end of obstructionist broken boomerangs, and if not a President Sanders,  a SENATE MAJORITY LEADER Sanders.
#StillSanders  #SandersForever







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1 Response to Beach Circus Government

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    I think ClaraJane should be President. And Gavin Minority Whip.

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