Curriculum Morning

Tuesday,  April 12th 2016

Today parents were invited into the classrooms of our students at Tobin Montessori.

In Room 283 ClaraJane and her fellow pre-K friend Afomia revisit their favorite Math work,  “The Snake Game.”



Meanwhile in room 290 Gavin is parsing out suffixes from root words:



We teased out the meaning of some of the less obvious ones like “prehistory,” “subsoil” and “bilateral” with him before he had Ms. Caren check his work.



She is proud of him and says she sees him as a writer.



Soon he’ll be working with Parts of Speech, which of course in Montessori starts out with actual three-dimensional symbolic objects representing each of the parts. For example, a VERB -being so dynamic and full of action- is a big bright red ball:




Students diagram sentences using these differently shaped blocks.  For real.  Here is the two-dimensional chart showing what each block represents:

Parts of Speech


NoteI don’t think I charted the parts of a sentence until 8th grade.
AlsoMad Libs are also great for learning the parts of speech.

Aunt Amanda made it to Gavin’s classroom just in time for a quick recap:



ClaraJane was with me too and regrettably we didn’t make it to Miles’ class.

Before I go, ClaraJane begins her weekly session with a complimentary reading tutor from Harvard.   (Not so much an intervention I’m told but an extra enrichment because it’s available.  For this embarrassment of riches I am humbled by our bounty here in The People’s Republic of Cambridge,  MA. I’m also eager and grateful for anything to help the girl get dialed into reading.)

She starts today’s session by sharing with Mr. Davey mommy’s necklace she is borrowing that says, “♡ NOT FOR SALE ♡ FEEL THE BERN ♡.”



I leave her there for a spot of coffee with parents in the lobby, a quick stop by the kitchen to see if I can Kiss the Chef, a thanks to Mary the Amazing Family Liaison and there you have it; Spring Curriculum Morning at Tobin Montessori.


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  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    “Feel the Bern!” Way to start off with Reading Material that Matters!

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