Monday Retrospective

Monday, April 11th 2016

Alive and awake and blessed at Bom Café today, in the face of death and taxes, sickness and divorce, here is a random sampling of our recent life.


Friday Morning (April 8th) we awake to take five animals to the vet.

2016-04-08 06.47.56-1

Including this One

ClaraJane went with me as a helper, though it seems I overestimated her interest in veterinary medicine as she ended up in the waiting area watching *cartoons* about animals instead.  #ohwell


That afternoon I take this one to the dentist.

2016-04-08 15.14.27

Practicing for Retirement


In fact we both went, and while he was waiting for me, Gavin explored new (to me) dimensions of my phone, among other things playing checkers against the most fierce opponent; himself.

2016-04-08 20.26.54

Iwillkillyou  vs. Fartbucket


That evening finds us at Niece Olivia’s City Step Dance performance at the High School:

2016-04-08 20.18.23

Including Nephew Zachary in the Big Finale


Saturday morning finds ClaraJane ready for a friend’s Birthday Party in mermaid dress, comfy pants, Elsa sweater cape, polka dot heels, leather jacket and homemade gift:

2016-04-09 12.25.29-1

She makes it look so effortless. 


Later I return from my gig to find the type of calm bliss that happens mostly -for better or worse- in my absence:

2016-04-09 18.41.29-1

He is my Anchor too; that’s why I married him!


A Sunday afternoon Laundry Mat & Playground Combo was a hit.  Here on the playground ClaraJane poses with her possy of imaginary friends, including Shark Boy, Lava Girl, Elsa and I don’t remember who else:

2016-04-10 18.33.00



Hopefully the rest of us were helpful enough with the laundry to make it worth Daddy losing some of the “personal time” he usually enjoys otherwise.   I for one feel great about including the kids (ahem, and Mommy) in participating in upkeep of our own clothes, generous as daddy is to do it the rest of the time.  In any case we’re starting the week with clean clothes.  And here’s coffee.  Also all our tax materials submitted to the accountant.  And no one dying or even in the hospital.

Not bad!


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