Dinner with Pops

Saturday, April 2nd 2016

What a treat it is when Pops comes to town.   This time we tried Frank’s Steakhouse and it was fantastic.   For starters, Pops checks the menu while Zachary challenges Uncle Paul to a  Thumb War.

2016-04-02 20.39.14

1, 2, 3, 4…


Gavin and Olivia follow suit:

2016-04-02 20.38.52

Olivia’s friend Leah makes a serious referee


ClaraJane challenges Liz:

2016-04-02 20.40.16

I declare a Thumb War!


Needless to say Zachary is outmatched against his Uncle… for now.

2016-04-02 20.39.20


Similarly, Gavin takes on Olivia in a Staring Contest:

2016-04-02 20.40.54

Needless to say she annihilates him.


This is me pathetically trying to *not* take photos, BTW.


Finally we collectively devolve into a Mad Lib:

[Note: the lone “h” is really a “4,”  and “alicorn” is My Little Pony language for a Unicorn AND a Pegasus mixed together.]

2016-04-11 12.03.03



So now you know.

In any case, THANKS for always coming to town Pops, no matter the circumstances.  And THANK YOU for taking us to dinner.  It was and is always wonderful and these are the days we will always remember.  Love you Pops!




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